Come On, Cousin

Come On, Cousin

Come On, Cousin official poster
Also known as Inbound Troubles 2
Genre Modern, Comedy
Created by Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written by Lung Man-hong 龍文康
Wong Cho-lam
Ma Yim 馬焱
MoMo Wu 吳沚默
Leung Ka-kit 梁嘉傑
Starring Roger Kwok
Wong Cho-lam
Joey Meng
Ivana Wong
Louis Cheung
Chung King-fai
Tommy Wong 黃光亮
Mimi Chu
Bob Lam 林盛斌
Bowie Wu
Ram Chiang 蔣志光
May Chan 小寶
Mary Hon
Helena Law
Opening theme Worldly Boy 世界仔 by Louis Yuen
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Wong Wai Sing 黃偉聲
Location(s) Hong Kong
Editor(s) Lung Man-hong 龍文康
Ma Yim 馬焱
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) TVB
Original network Jade
HD Jade
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release 20 October (2014-10-20) – 29 November 2014 (2014-11-29)
Related shows Inbound Troubles
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Come On, Cousin
Traditional Chinese 老表,你好hea!
Simplified Chinese 老表,你好hea!
Literal meaning "Cousin, You Are So Lazy"

Come On, Cousin (Traditional Chinese: 老表,你好hea!; literally "Cousin, You Are So Lazy") (Chinese: 老表,你好hea!; Jyutping: Lou5 Biu2, Nei5 Hou2 hea!) is a 2014 Hong Kong modern comedy drama produced by TVB. The drama is a TVB anniversary series and an indirect sequel to 2013 Inbound Troubles. Almost the entire cast of Inbound Troubles returns to this series playing completely different characters. The storyline has no relations to the first series. Filming of the series took place from April–July 2014. The series began airing October 20. 2014 and will be broadcast weekly from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM.[1]


The series revolves around an apartment building and its residence. When lazy 2nd generation heir Yau Tin, takes over the grocer store inside the building he overhauls it and hires all the residence in the building to work there. But soon environmentalist and stock boy Lam Joi Yeh, leads a revolt against Tin when he puts up a huge poster against the building that affects the residence quality of life.

Plot summary

Environmentalist Lam Joi Yeh (Roger Kwok) returns to Hong Kong after many years abroad trying to save the environment, when he receives a call from his mother that his father is dying. At the same time spoiled 2nd generation rich heir Yau Tin (Wong Cho-lam) also returns home to Hong Kong after many years of partying around the world when he receives a call from his mother that his father is dying and thinking he will inherit all of his father's money. However both of their mother's had lied to them. Joi Yeh's father is really pretending to suffer from Alzheimer's disease while Tin's father pretended to be dying to get back at him for carelessly spending his money all these years. To prove he is not a lazy useless heir Tin agrees to manage his father's very first business which is a grocery store located inside an apartment building. Unhappy with the workers and environment he request the store be overhauled and the elderly workers be fired. In order to hire new workers at the last minute, Tin offers an salary of HKD$100 per hour. Joi Yeh goes to Tin's store to complain about the vegetables smelling like bug spray, that his mother had salvage from the store's garbage but ends up applying for a job when he sees the amazing pay of HKD$100 per hour.


Lam family

Lam Joi Yeh and Suet's father. Fong Gwai Lan's husband. He works as a film extra. He does not have a good relationship with his son Joi Yeh due to him neglecting his son when he was young so that he could concentrate being a film extra. He pretends to suffer from Alzheimer's disease in order to trick Joi Yeh into coming back home.
Lam Joi Yeh and Suet's mother. Lam Chi Wing's wife. She helps her husband Chi Wing pretend that he has Alzheimer's disease and the family is poor to trick Joi Yeh into coming back home.
Lam Chi Wing and Fong Gwai Lan's son. Lam Suet's older brother. An environmentalist who left home in his teens in order to save sharks and endangered species. He does not have a good relationship with his father due to being neglected when he was young. He also does not have a close relationship with his sister Suet because he left home when she was very young. Thinking his parents are broke, he decides to get a job as a stock boy at the supermarket inside his apartment building. When he sees his boss Yau Tin treating employees unfairly, he leads a revolt against him. When he doesn't agree on something, he likes to use the catch phrase "Not organic". He creates the website "" to voice his opinions. A former classmate of Cai Jing Man who later becomes her husband.
Lam Chi Wing and Fong Gwai Lan's rebellious, unruly daughter. Lam Joi Yeh's younger sister. She desperately wants to get into show business and blackmails her father by not outing his scheme against her brother so that he will let her get into show business. She becomes Mario's girlfriend and sugar mama when he sees her flaunting her money at the supermarket. Later becomes a famous singer.

Yau family

Yau Tin's rich father and Barbara's husband. He owns the local television station and the building where the "Useful Market" and all the residents live at. Unhappy with how his lazy useless son is recklessly spending his money he lies about dying in order to trick him into coming home. He threatens to cut off Yau Tin financially unless he can prove his worth by letting him run the grocery store inside a residential building. Had an affair with Cai Chow Sui in his younger years which produced their illegitimate daughter Cai Jing Man.
Yau Tin's mother and Yau Cheung's wife. She likes to spoil her son and calls him "Baby". While trying to find a rich Sugar Mama, Mario seduces her when she is looking for a personal trainer at the gym. Wanting Mario as a boy-toy all to herself, she asks her son Yau Tin to open a artiste management company in order to manage Mario's personal life and promote him as a celebrity. A former dancer, she met her husband when he signed up for dance lessons. She has a younger sister that has Down syndrome. Her husband dumps her when he catches her fooling around with Mario.
Yau Cheung and Barbara's spoiled, lazy, and selfish son. He lies to his father that he has been studying abroad all these years but was partying and spending recklessly. He is a playboy that likes to flirt with cute girls. When his father lies that he is dying, he goes home thinking he will inherit his father's fortune. In order to prove to his father that he is not a lazy 2nd generation heir, he agrees to manage the grocery store inside a residential building. Not happy with the stores environment and workers, he overhauls it by turning it into a gourmet market and fires all the old people that worked there. He speaks Cantonese with a foreigner's accent and likes to use the phrase "Maybe because I'm like a foreign boy" when others try to reason with him. He becomes paranoid when he mistakes Lam Joi Yeh to be his father's illegitimate son. He had a dream, where Shirley appeared as an angel and told him what evil things he had done and why he became so evil.

Fujian Fried Rice Residents' Association

Cai Jing Man's overbearing mother. A local community politician who only seeks publicity and takes credit for doing nothing. She wants her assistant Kwok Bao to be her son-in-law because he is obedient to her. In her younger years she was a maid at the Yau family household who had an affair with Yau Cheung.
Cai Chow Siu's daughter and Kwok Bao's girlfriend. She is shy and reserved but becomes fierce and outspoken when she puts on her glasses. She likes Lam Joi Yeh but because of her overbearing mother she listens to everything her mother tells her to do and agrees to an engagement with Kwok Bao. She has lots of food allergies. Not happy with her mother forcing her to marry Kwok Bo who she does not love, she runs away to live with the "So Comfortable No Friends Spa" girls. She is also Yau Cheung's illegitimate daughter.
Cai Chow Siu's assistant and advisor. Cai Jing Man's boyfriend. He and Jing Man has been dating for many years but have never held her hand or kissed her. Cai Chow Siu pushes him to propose to Jing Man because she knows her daughter likes Lam Joi Yeh. He dresses and physically resembles a communist dictator. He works as a voice actor on the side. He is torn between his duties as Cai Jing Man longtime boyfriend and being with his true love Viviene Chow.

Ma family

Mario's father and head of the prayer group that Siu Lung Bao is in. He and Mario do not get along because Mario does not agree with his way of living. People often mistakes him to be Yau Tin's father because of their similar facial appearance. It is later uncovered that he was a former triad gangster in his youth with the nickname "Crazy Horse".
Ma Lai Gou's late wife and Mario's mother. She found out she was pregnant while Ma Lai Gou is in prison. She died during a traffic accident when she was hit by a van while crossing the street.
Ma Lai Gou's son and Siu Lung Bao's godson. Originally named Maria. Unhappy with his father Ma Lai Gou, he changed his name and lives a different life style then his father. He works as a stock boy at the market but is really a male gold digger want-to-be. He likes to show off his muscular body. He hooks Lam Suet as a Sugar Mama when he sees her flaunting her money at the market. Later when he meets Barbara he dumps Suet and becomes her personal trainer so that she can become his new Sugar Mama. With Barbara's help, he becomes a celebrity.
Mario's godfather and one of Ma Lai Gou's prayer followers. He works in the meat department at the supermarket as a butcher. He likes to pray.

So Comfortable No Friends Spa

A masseuse at the spa. She also works as a cashier at the market since business is bad at the spa. Her spa customers are afraid when she offers an step on their back massage. Through her side job as a voice actor, she develops an attraction for Kwok Bo. She and Kwok Bo later have a secret affair when he is unable to break off his longtime relationship with Cai Jing Man.
An acupuncturist at the spa. She is often mistaken as a man since she dresses and speaks like a man. She becomes a security guard at the market since business is bad at the spa.
She is in charge of brewing soups at the spa. She has unflattering looks. She works at the market in the soup department because business is bad at the spa.

Useful Store employees

Yau Tin's personal assistant and secretary. She helps Yau Tin come up with all his devious plans.
Yau Tin's personal bodyguard. She helps Yau Tin carry out all his devious plans. She is also very skilled at martial arts.

Kam family

A petite, rich and annoying socialite who sponsors Yau Tin's artiste management company "Chan Sang Chai (Biological Son) Entertainment Company" so that he can promote her younger sister to become a celebrity. She likes to dress in gold colored sparkly or glittery clothing.
Kam Kwong's tall, beautiful and annoying younger sister. She speaks with a non-fluent Cantonese accent. Her dream is to be a famous celebrity even though she does not have any real talent.

No Background Music (NBM)

A drunk who lives on the very top floor of the building. He works as a musician at the local funeral home. He used to be a singer and has a great singing voice. Suet wants to recruit him as her duet partner for a singing contest. Original founder of "No Background Music" record company. He later becomes Suet's manager.
Triad boss who recently brought a music company call "No Background Music" record company. Ma Lai Gou refers Lam Suet to his music company for an audition. Even as the head of a record company he and his followers continue their side jobs as loan sharks.
A triad follower of Master Ding. He enters into a singing contest as Lam Suet's duet partner but is a terrible singer who thinks he's great and that everyone is jealous of how amazing he is.

Elite Party

The founder of Grouping Party 聯群傑黨. She is also a high school classmate of Lam Joi Yeh and Cai Jing Man. She is mentally unstable and has had a fatal attraction for Joi Yeh since high school. She will do anything to ruin Joi Yeh's relationship with Jing Man, since Joi Yeh never even noticed her feelings or reciprocated them in high school.

"Not Famous, Nor Unknown (半紅不黑)" band

A homeless music band with talent that Mario discovers and tries to get them a record deal.


The garbage lady of the building where the "Useful Store" is at and where the residents live. She is also a frequent customer of the "Useful Store" market and likes to flirt with Mario.
Viviene's father who likes to stay over at the "So Comfortable No Friends Spa". He does not approve of his daughter and Kwok Bo's relationship.
Ko Yum's deceased wife who is also the inspiration for him to sing again.
Ko Yum's father-in-law who blames him for his daughter's death.
A university professor and hospital doctor that Yau Tin pretended to be a student of. Also the doctor that treated Yau Tin when he was in the hospital pretending to be seriously injured. Also the surgeon who was to perform Yau Tin and Yau Cheung's kidney transplant. Also a DNA specialist who uncovers that Yau Tin is not Yau Cheung's biological son.
An elderly man Yau Tin offended on the basketball court while flirting with a girl. He is the head of a triad gang. Ma Lai Gou saves him during a asthma attack, to show his appreciation he helps him open a prayer group location.
A reporter and talk show host that covers the stories regarding the residence of the building and the "Useful Store".
A racketeer who goes to the Useful market to collect protection fees. He is also a follower of Ma Lai Gou's prayer group.
Ko Yam's boss and owner of the local funeral home.
A triad gangster with an ugly girlfriend. Mario tries to hook his ugly girlfriend as a potential Sugar Mama but ends up offending her looks. Later becomes a triad leader when his boss dies from choking on chicken bones.
Originally a contestant in Yau Tin's DTV fake talent pageant. Later she becomes a potential sugar mama to Mario until he offends her looks. She is also small-time triad leader Bao Jun's girlfriend whom everyone calls a porkchop (Hong Kong slang for "ugly girl").
A young, rich and educated man whom Chow Gung wants to set up with his daughter Vivian on a matchmaking date.


A famous actor who works with Lam Chi Wing.
Children's show host who helps Joi Yeh and Chi Wing with their father/son relationship.
Host of Office of Practical Jokes 玩嘢王主持人. Yau Tin uses his candid show to end the mess with the revolting market staff.
An actress whose name Jing Man uses to refer to an orange, her most feared fruit. She appears in a video to help Joi Yeh and Jing Man patch up their marriage.
Favorite idol of homeless band "Not Famous, Nor Unknown (半紅不黑)" and Mario. Mario thinks her husband is useless. (Louis Cheung, who plays Mario, is her real life husband.)
Ko Yam's singing pupil who helps his mentor uncover his wife's last words to her husband.
Judge at singing competition similar to The Voice (超級巨聲).
Judge at singing competition similar to The Voice.
Judge at singing competition similar to The Voice.
Voice dubbing supervisor
A obsessive deranged fan of Lam Suet with a personality disorder.
Yau Tin's primary school principal who lectures him about changing his behavior which he misinterprets as changing his father's will.
A artiste signed to DTV who acts alongside Kam Ping Mui.
Yau Tin's childhood nanny whose words highly influence who he became as an adult.


Viewership Ratings

WeekEpisodesDateAverage PointsPeaking Points
101-05Oct 20-24, 20142629
206-09Oct 27-30, 20142527
310-14Nov 3-7, 20142729
415-19Nov 10-14, 20142628
520-23Nov 17-21, 20142628
624-28Nov 24-28, 20142427
729-30Nov 30, 20142628

Awards & Nominations

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2014 TVB Anniversary Awards TVB Anniversary Award for Best Drama Come On, Cousin Nominated
TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress Ivana Wong Nominated
TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor Ram Chiang Won
TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Male Character Wong Cho Lam Nominated
TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Female Character Ivana Wong Nominated
TVB Anniversary Award for Favourite Drama Song Worldly Boy (世界仔) by Louis Yuen Nominated
2015 StarHub TVB Awards My Favourite TVB Actor Wong Cho Lam Nominated
My Favourite TVB Actress Ivana Wong Nominated
My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor Ram Chiang Nominated
My Favourite TVB Male TV Character Wong Cho Lam Nominated
My Favourite TVB Female TV Character Ivana Wong Nominated


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