Lily Leung

Lily Leung
Chinese name 梁舜燕
Pinyin Liáng Shùn Yàn (Mandarin)
Jyutping Leung4 Seun3 Yin1 (Cantonese)

1933 (age 8283)

Occupation Actress

Lily Leung (梁舜燕) is an actress in Hong Kong. She acted for ATV,as well as TVB, then She is a veteran actress, having acted for many years. She as an actress, has publicly supported organizations that cure heart disease, as her husband has had risk of heart disease.[1]


Reported by Hilda Lee Edited by Vicki Yuen 8 April 2013 The first lady of television still in focus, The Standard

TV Series


Year Name of FilmRole
2003Not Just A Pretty Face Wu Ying (鄔 瑩)
In the Realm of FancyEmpress
2004When Rules Turn LooseMrs.Fok (霍太太)
To Catch the Uncatchable Lin
Net DeceptionMrs. Ho (何太太)
2005When Rules Turn LooseLaw Siu Fong 羅少芳
The Prince's Shadow Cameo
Lost in the Chamber of Love Empress Dowager Shen (睿真皇太后)
Just Love Mrs. Leung (梁太太)
Misleading Track Dan Piu Hong 范飄香
Into Thin AirMrs. Fong (方太太)
2006Bar BenderDai Kwan Ngo (戴群娥)
La Femme DesperadoYin (燕)
Forensic Heroes Grandmother Li (李婆婆)
Maiden's VowEmpress Chi Hei (慈禧太后)
To Grow with Love Lily
Dicey BusinessLo Yin (盧燕)
2007Heart of GreedWong Lai Mei (王麗薇)
2008Best Selling SecretsLan (蘭)
The Gentle Crackdown IILeung Wong Si (梁王氏)
Moonlight Resonance Mrs. Yuen(袁太太)
Catch Me NowMok Wai Lan (莫蕙蘭)
2009Just Love II Mrs. Leung (梁太太)
Born RichMa Cheung Wai Kiu (馬蔣卉翹_
2010Gun Metal GreyMrs. Pao (包太太)
7 Days in LifeMiu So Kam (繆素琴)
Sisters of PearlNgan Yu-Yuk (顏如玉)
2011 7 Days in Life Miu So-kam, Nancy (繆素琴)
Ghetto Justice Tsui Kiu (徐嬌)
Wax and WaneMan Fa-tung (萬花彤)
Lives of Omission Chan Sam-mui (陳三妹)
2012 Highs and Lows Gordon's mother
2014 Rear Mirror Pauline Tse Hau Lin (謝巧蓮)
Lady Sour Chu On Nin (朱安寧)
2015 Brick Slaves Elderly lady Chat (七嬸)
Momentary Lapse of Reason Sister Yin (燕姑)
2016 A Fist Within Four Walls Chor Ching-miu (左貞妙)


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