Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.

Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.
Developer(s) Neko Entertainment
Publisher(s) The Game Factory
Composer(s) Raphaël Gesqua
Series Code Lyoko
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)  United States
June 20, 2008
 European Union
June 6, 2008
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single-player
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A. is the third video game based on the French animated television series Code Lyoko, published by The Game Factory and released in the United States on June 20, 2008.


In line with the plot of the same series, William is under XANA's control and being forced to fight against his will. The protagonists travel from supercomputer to supercomputer fighting to free him in addition to destroying XANA.


The four warriors battle the Kolossus.

Unlike the previous two games, Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A. uses an RPG-style interface that combines turn-based and real-time combat. The game also has a multiplayer mode, wherein players can face each other in various forms of battle.

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