Location in Spain

Coordinates: 42°58′6″N 2°43′41″W / 42.96833°N 2.72806°W / 42.96833; -2.72806
Country  Spain
Autonomous community  Basque Country
Province Álava
Comarca Zigoitia
  Alcalde Ioseba Mikel Las Heras Martinez de Lapera (Bildu)
  Total 102,07 km2 (3,941 sq mi)
Elevation 600 m (2,000 ft)
Postal code 01138

Cigoitia (in Euskera and officially Zigoitia) is a municipality of the province of Álava, Basque Country, Spain.

Place name

The city´s name Cigoitia is believed to derive from the Basque expression Zuya goitia (upper Zuya) because it borders with the municipality and valley of Zuya at the west.

The fact that Cigoitia is higher than Zuya could be an explanation for the name Zuya goitia. The existence of resilient historical links between both valleys also has to be validated; since Cigoitia historically belonged to Cuadrilla de Zuya.

Zigoitia is the normalized form of the town name in the Basque language, according to the actual pronunciation in that language and the modern Basque orthography. In 1995 it was adopted by the Town Council as the official municipal name. It was published by the Boletín Oficial del Estado on 13 September 1996.

In 2013 the largest common grave of the Basque Country from the Spanish Civil War was excavated in the locality.


According to the nomenclátor in 2011, the population registered in the municipality and in its localities was:

Local administration

The capital status is in Ondategi and it has 16 councils:

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