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Location in Spain

Coordinates: 42°34′N 02°31′W / 42.567°N 2.517°W / 42.567; -2.517Coordinates: 42°34′N 02°31′W / 42.567°N 2.517°W / 42.567; -2.517
Country  Spain
Autonomous community  País Vasco
Province Álava
Region Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa
Founded 1630
  Alcalde Alfonso Luis Gonzalez Eguilaz (Partido Nacionalista Vasco)
  Total 24.20 km2 (9.34 sq mi)
Elevation 541 m (1,775 ft)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 01308
Official languages Basque, Spanish

Lanciego (Basque: Lantziego) is a town and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain. The municipality of Lanciego in Rioja Alavesa consists of three towns: Lanciego, Assa and Viñaspre. Lanciego has a total population of approximately 650. Its name derives from Lantzeaga (place of culture) and Lantze = cultivate.

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Lanciego (in Basque Lantziego), located in Rioja Alavesa, settles on a relatively flat area, in a small vale at the feet of the Cantabrian Sierra. It is watered by several creeks and is surrounded by lush vineyards from which the majority of local income is made. From its origin until the year 1630 it was a part of the jurisdiction of Laguardia, and in 1630 it obtained the title of town. The first documented appearance of the municipality is in the year 1257 and in 1366 its demographic information is first documented, being a part of the kingdom of Navarre.

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