Industry Processed & Packaged goods
Founded New Orleans (1889)
Headquarters New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Products Spices, herbs, flavorings, rice
Owner McCormick & Company

Zatarain's is a food and spice company based in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States.

The company was started in the New Orleans suburb of Gretna by Émile A. Zatarain, who took out a trademark and began to market root beer in 1889. He expanded his product range to include mustard, pickled vegetables, and extracts. Then he moved into the spice business and became known for New Orleans and Cajun-style products. In 1963 the family sold the business. The company was acquired in 2003 by McCormick & Company, the world's largest spice company.[1]

Zatarain is a surname of Spanish Basque origin, but is commonly mistaken as Cajun French. It is translated as "fishing pit" or "fishing hole" in the Gipuzkoan dialect of Basque,[2] Translated from Euskara Batua, Standardized Basque. The surname takes its name from a house in Pasaia of Gipuzkoa region, Basque country, Spain. Current data suggests all individuals around the world that bear this unique surname originate from just one man who lived in Gipuzkoa; during the 16th century, whom of which he had just converted to the Roman Catholic faith. Many of his male descendants were chosen by the Monarchy of Spain as expatriates for colonist work and trading. The first Zatarain seemed to bear no female descendants into the new world, and it is apparent that all female descendants of Zatarain stayed in Basque country. Blood-lines of both sexes bearing the surname can still be found in [Spain] and [France], today.


The company produces Cajun and Creole cuisine related food items, in five categories:

The company still manufactures root beer extract for home preparation and brewing.

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