Yeht Mae

Yeht Mae
Origin California, United States
Genres electro-industrial
Years active 1987–1997
Labels Gymnastic Records
Zoth Ommog
Out of Line
Past members Jeremy Daw
Lynda Sterling

Yeht Mae was an electro-industrial band from California which began in 1988 by vocalist and keyboard programmer Jeremy Daw. Daw was later joined by vocalist Lynda Sterling and released two self-distributed cassette demos. Their first CD "1000 Veins" was released by the British gothic/industrial label Gymnastic Records whose albums were pressed in Germany.

In 1992, musician and producer Talla 2XLC of the band Bigod 20 signed the band to his label Zoth Ommog Records where they went on to release two more CD albums.

The band's primary lyrical themes cover strange subjects such as death, experimental surgery, and alien abductions.[1]


Compilation appearances


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