X Games XII

X Games XII (12) took place on August 3–6, 2006 in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center, Home Depot Center and Long Beach Marine Stadium. It was broadcast on the ESPN networks and ABC.


Moto X Freestyle

Place Athlete Score
Gold Travis Pastrana 94.20
Silver Adam Jones 91.40
Bronze Mike Mason 90.00

Moto X Step-up

Place Athlete Elimination Height
Gold Matt Buyten
Silver Jeremy McGrath 23’
Bronze Brian Deegan 23’

Moto X Super Moto

Place Driver Seconds Behind
Gold Jeff Ward
Silver Mark Burkhart 0.572 secs
Bronze Doug Henry 24.161 secs

Rally Super Special

Place Drivers Seconds Behind
Gold Travis Pastrana
Christian Edström
Silver Colin McRae 0.52 secs
Nicky Grist
Bronze Ken Block 19.13 secs
Alex Gelsomino

BMX Big Air

Place Athlete Score
Gold Kevin Robinson 95.00
Silver Chad Kagy 93.66
Bronze Allan Cooke 86.00

BMX Dirt

Place Athlete Score
Gold Corey Bohan 91.66
Silver Ryan Nyquist 91.33
Bronze Anthony Napolitan 90.33

BMX Freestyle Park

Place Athlete Score
Gold Scotty Cranmer 91.66
Silver Morgan Wade 90.00
Bronze Daniel Dhers 89.66

BMX Vert

Place Athlete Score
Gold Chad Kagy 93.00
Silver Jamie Bestwick 91.66
Bronze Simon Tabron 90.00

BMX Vert Best Trick

Place Athlete Trick
Gold Kevin Robinson Double Flair
Silver Chad Kagy Double tailwhip flat spin
Bronze Simon Tabron Alley oop n/h to t/d 540

Men's Skateboard - Vert

Place Athlete
Gold Sandro Dias
Silver Bob Burnquist
Bronze Bucky Lasek

Men's Skateboard Vert Best Trick

Place Athlete Trick
Gold Bucky Lasek Frontside cab varial heel flip
Silver Max Dufour Backside kickflip 360 tail grind
Bronze Bob Burnquist Fronside tail slide 360 out

Men's Skateboard Big Air

Place Athlete Score
Gold Danny Way 95.00
Silver Jake Brown 93.00
Bronze Bob Burnquist 91.25

Men's Skateboard Street

Place Athlete Score
Gold Chris Cole 90.68
Silver Ryan Sheckler 85.31
Bronze Mark Alexander 85.06

Women's Skateboard Street

Place Athlete
Gold Elissa Steamer
Silver Lauren Perkins
Bronze Lacey Baker

Women's Skateboarding Vert

Place Athlete
Gold Cara-Beth Burnside
Silver Mimi Knoop
Bronze Karen Jones

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X Games XII Website at EXPN.com

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