Winter X Games XI

Winter X Games XI were held from January 25, 2007 to January 28, 2007 in Aspen, Colorado. They were the 6th consecutive Winter X Games to be held in Aspen. Television coverage of Winter X Games XI was broadcast on ESPN and ABC, primarily hosted by Sal Masekela and Todd Harris. Final attendance for the four-day event was 76,150.[1]


Disciplines at the 11th Winter X Games were:



Men and Women's Monoski Cross[2]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Tyler Walker 84.868
Silver Kevin Connolly 84.930
Bronze Kees-Jan van der Klooster 93.480

Men's Ski Cross[3]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Casey Puckett 57.958
Silver Jack Fiala
Bronze Enak Gavaggio

Women's Ski Cross[4]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Ophelie David 65.367
Silver Valentine Scuotto
Bronze Meryll Boulangeat

Men's Ski Slopestyle[5]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Candide Thovex 95.00
Silver Sammy Carlson 92.33
Bronze Colby West 90.00

Men's Ski SuperPipe[6]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Tanner Hall 95.00
Silver Simon Dumont 94.00
Bronze Peter Olenick 90.00

Women's Ski SuperPipe[7]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Sarah Burke 90.00
Silver Grete Eliassen 86.33
Bronze Jen Hudak 66.33


Men's Snowboard Best Trick[8]

Place Athlete
Gold Andreas Wiig
Silver Travis Rice
Bronze Antti Autti

Men's Snowboard Cross[9]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Nate Holland 64.796
Silver Xavier de le Rue
Bronze Seth Wescott

Women's Snowboard Cross[10]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Joanie Anderson 71.387
Silver Lindsey Jacobellis
Bronze Maëlle Ricker

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle[11]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Andreas Wiig 89.66
Silver Jussi Oksanen 84.66
Bronze Shaun White 83.33

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle[12]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Jamie Anderson 85.33
Silver Hana Beaman 78.33
Bronze Chanelle Sladics 76.33

Men's Snowboard SuperPipe[13]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Steve Fisher 92.00
Silver Shaun White 91.00
Bronze Mason Aguirre 90.66

Women's Snowboard SuperPipe[14]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Torah Bright 94.66
Silver Gretchen Bleiler 91.00
Bronze Elena Hight 88.00


Snocross [15]

Place Athlete Time
Gold Tucker Hibbert 186.226
Silver Ryan Simons 186.543
Bronze T.J. Gulla 192.684

Snowmobile Freestyle [16]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Chris Burandt 96.33
Silver Aleksander Nordgaard 93.66
Bronze Heath Frisby 89.33 (in consolation)


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