X20 (album)

Studio album by Suicide Commando
Released 2007
Genre Aggrotech
Suicide Commando chronology
Bind, Torture, Kill
Implements of Hell

X20 is a 2007 album by the Belgian musical act Suicide Commando. The album title is in reference to the 20th anniversary of Suicide Commando's existence. It was released as a box set, containing "Best Of" CD, "Remix" CD, very first live DVD in the history of Suicide Commando and exclusive bonus single "Fuck You Bitch" (the single was only released in this box set as a CD - otherwise it's only available as digital download purchase).

The box set featured a 48-page booklet containing photos (taken between 1986 and 2006) and short guide to Suicide Commando's history.

The special "Remix" CD and "Best of" CD were later released as separate albums.

Best Of CD

  1. Bind, Torture, Kill (extended torture)
  2. Save me
  3. Conspiracy with the Devil
  4. Face of death (blind rage mix)
  5. Dein Herz, meine Gier (short club v1.0)
  6. Love breeds suicide
  7. Necrophilia
  8. One nation under god
  9. Cause of death: suicide (club edit)
  10. Desire (dead body remix)
  11. See you in hell
  12. Hellraiser (psychopath 01)
  13. Murder
  14. Comatose Delusion (overdose shot two)
  15. Better off dead (driller remix)

Remix CD

  1. Body count proceed ([SITD] remix)
  2. Menschenfresser (Grendel remix)
  3. Save me (Captive of Society remix)
  4. Bind, Torture, Kill (remixed by J. Montellus from Covenant)
  5. Torment me (Solitary Experiments remix)
  6. Hellraiser (Agonoize remix)
  7. Bleed for us all (:wumpscut: remix)
  8. Face of death (Spetsnaz remix)
  9. See you in hell (Tankt remix)
  10. Conspiracy with the devil (Dawn of Asches remix)
  11. Cause of death: suicide (X-fusion remix)
  12. F*** you bitch (Dope Stars Inc remix)
  13. Love breeds suicide (remixed by Anthoni J.)

F*** you bitch (bonus MCD single)

  1. F*** you bitch (TB mix by Suicide Commando)
  2. Body count proceed (2007 re: count by Suicide Commando)
  3. F*** you bitch (Soman remix)
  4. Retrace (by db.F)
  5. F*** you bitch (Combichrist remix)

Live DVD

  1. Bind, Torture, Kill
  2. Bleed for us all
  3. Conspiracy with the devil
  4. Menschenfresser
  5. Raise your god
  6. One nation under god
  7. Massaker
  8. Torment me
  9. Love breeds suicide
  10. Godsend
  11. F*** you bitch
  12. Face of death
  13. Hellraiser
  14. Evildoer (recorded live at Zillo festival)
  15. Sterbehilfe (recorded live at Zillo festival)
  16. Godsend (recorded live at MS Stubnitz)
  17. We are the sinners (videoclip)

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