The Three Friends and Jerry

The Three Friends & Jerry

The main cast of The Three Friends and Jerry. From left to right: Frank, Eric, Thomas, Jerry, Linda, Mimmi, and Tess.
Genre Sitcom
Created by Magnus Carlsson
Starring Lizzy Greene
Casey Simpson
Mace Coronel
Aidan Gallagher
Allison Munn
Brian Stepanek
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 39 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Matt Fleckenstein
Michael Feldman
Running time 22–25 minutes
Production company(s) Happy Life Animation
TV Loonland
Fontana Pictures
Link Entertainment
Hit Entertainment
ZDF Entreprises
Distributor Saban Entertainment
Wavery Entertainment B.V.
Fox Family Presentations
Original network Fox Family
Original release 1998 (1998) – 1999 (1999)

The Three Friends and Jerry is a Swedish animated television series which aired in the United States on Fox Family (alongside Stickin' Around as well as Freaky Stories, The Gogs, and Lava-Lava!), Nickelodeon (UK and Ireland), Nickelodeon (Latin America) , TG4 in Ireland and Fox Kids in Spain. A Swedish/German/United Kingdom co-production, the series was created by Magnus Carlsson and produced by Fontana Pictures, Happy Life and TV Loonland.

The show first aired on Nickelodeon in the United Kingdom in 1998, and ended in 1999. The series made a brief reappearance through Sprout's video on demand service in 2005.


Jerry is the new kid in town who does not fit with any of his schoolmates. This series shows his best attempts to try to be liked by the 'Three Friends' who do not want him to be part of their group but still let him hang out with them as long as he helps them with their problems. They also fall for a group of the girls in town, who refuse to date them and refer to them as Ponks. Apart from school, the group have to contend with parents, bullies and their own conflicts.


The setting location of the series is left unclear. The characters have American voice-overs and dollars are mentioned as being the currency, suggesting a location in the United States. But the houses and architecture depicted in the series are European or European-like, suggesting a location in Europe. The creators of the series likely took inspiration from the architecture of Sweden and the United Kingdom, since the series was a Swedish/British co-production.

Criticism and controversy

Although Fox Family allowed The Three Friends and Jerry on their lineup (the original swearing in the Swedish version was not included in the English dub), many parents thought that it was not appropriate for children to watch, as it contained sexual content (the intro had Jerry getting yelled at by his teacher who is sunbathing in a skimpy bikini and the boys trying to look up girls' skirts as they jump rope and at least two episodes had references to voyeurism and Internet pornography), mature themes (such as religion and a junkie character who is also a pedophile), and criminal activity that would lead to copycat incidents, like counterfeiting money, breaking and entering, and shoplifting. Fox Family pulled the show from its schedule after being beset by complaints.


Main characters

Secondary characters


# Episode Title Summary Air Date
1 Kissing Linda When Linda's parents are away for a weekend, Linda must stay at Frank's and Frank tries to kiss her. Unknown
2 Bank Robbery The Three Friends and Jerry are framed by the police to be the children gang, after the real gang robbed the bank. Unknown
3 Ant Hill After having the accident at the ant hill, Frank seeks revenge on the ants and seeks Thomas and Eric's help in destroying the ants. Unknown
4 UFO-Spotting Frank is adbucted by the aliens and controlled. Thomas, Eric and Jerry must save Frank before it's too late. Unknown
5 Brake Slamming Frank is happy with his new bike, which has pedal brakes. Unknown
6 The Circus While on a trip around the circus, Jerry accidentally brakes free two ostriches. Can he and the Three Friends bring the ostriches back to the circus before the performance starts? Unknown
7 Work Experience The Three Friends get lost inside the forest. Unknown
8 Barking Up The Wrong Tree The Three Friends and Jerry become stars of TV. Unknown
9 The Beauty Contest Linda and her mother watch a film of the beauty contest in which Linda loses. Unknown
10 Stars in Your Eyes The Three Friends and Jerry pretend to be a scary rock band called Dog Sun for the music contest, but they're unaware this is with a nice music. Unknown
11 Fashion The Three Friends and Jerry try to be cool. Unknown
12 The Snowball Fight After The Three Friends and Jerry accidentally crashed Oscar's house, Jerry must bring Oscar to his house, while The Three Friends must rebuild the house. Can Jerry hide Oscar from his parents? Unknown
13 Ice Hockey The Three Friends and Jerry and the girls are having an ice hockey match. Who will win? Unknown
14 My Friend is An Ant Jerry tries to save his little ant from the clutches of Arthur in the museum of the Earth's history. Unknown
15 Neat and Tidy Frank's mother orders Frank to be neat and tidy for the rest of the day and he will earn ten dollars. Can he be neat and tidy for the rest of the day? Unknown
16 Tony's Party The Three Friends and Jerry disguise themselves as teens in order to get into Tony's party. Unknown
17 The Fishing Trip The Three Friends and Jerry and the girls go on a fishing trip. Unknown
18 Carol Singing The Three Friends and Jerry sing songs for Christmas. Unknown
19 South Sea Frank has a terrible dream of himself with Thomas, Eric, and Jerry at the island. Unknown
20 The Club House Jerry must take three tests to become a teammate of The Three Friends. Unknown
21 The Forging Machine Jerry creates a machine what will create money. Unknown
22 Cowboys While The Three Friends and the girls are out horseriding, Jerry accidentally breaks the teacher's cup. Unknown
23 The Delivery Jerry becomes a delivery boy. Unknown
24 Old People's Party The class of the Three Friends and Jerry makes a party for the elder people. Unknown
25 Scientists 'R' Us The Three Friends seek Jerry's help to win the radio quiz "Scientists 'R' Us". Unknown
26 Camping The Three Friends and Jerry are go camping at Thomas' garden. Unknown
27 Boomerang Frank tries to learn how to toss a boomerang. Unknown
28 Frightening Fifth Form Frank is frightened of the bloodhanded teen. Unknown
29 Jerry's Lucky Day Jerry is having a lucky day. Unknown
30 Catch the Girl The Three Friends and Jerry are worried about a prisoner named Jimmy. Unknown
31 The Flea Market Jerry sells his aunt's vase to an old lady. Unknown
32 Head Lice Jerry putslittle ants on his and The Three Friends' heads to pretend they have head lice. Unknown
33 Supermarket While out shopping with their parents, The Three Friends and Jerry are have a ski race in the supermarket's chill room. Unknown
34 Country Cousin Frank's cousin comes to town. Unknown
35 Secret Mission Frank, Eric and Jerry try to follow Thomas to discover his secret. Unknown
36 Hackers Ahmet Ben Party and his family and friends find themselves on Carlsonville. Unknown
37 The Moose Hunt A moose arrives at Frank's house. Unknown
38 Cheat and Curse An evil fairy puts the curse on The Three Friends and Jerry. Unknown
39 The Rodent Exhibition The Three Friends and Jerry take Jerry's father's African instruments for the school performance. Unknown
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