The 'W' Files

The 'W' Files

DVD cover
Genre Period drama
Created by Nelson Cheung
Wong Kwok-fai
Based on Wisely Series
by Ni Kuang
Written by Wong Kwok-fai
Starring Gallen Lo
Yoyo Mung
Matt Yeung
Mak Cheung-ching
Michael Tong
Tavia Yeung
Power Chan
Eddy Ko
Roger Kwok
Anne Heung
Theme music composer Chan Tsung-hung
Opening theme Mei Loi Dik Sau Mong Je (未來的守望者) performed by Gallen Lo
Ending theme Yu Gwo Sai Kai Mat Yau Nei (如果世界沒有你) performed by Gallen Lo
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Executive producer(s) Nelson Cheung
Location(s) Hong Kong
Shanghai, China
Running time 45 minutes (each)
Production company(s) TVB
Original network Jade
Original release 2 June – 11 July 2003
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The 'W' Files
Traditional Chinese 衛斯理
Simplified Chinese 卫斯理
Literal meaning "Wisely"

The 'W' Files (衛斯理) is a 2003 Hong Kong fantasy-adventure-mystery television period drama serial based on Ni Kuang's novel series Wisely Series, starring Gallen Lo as Wisely. The series was first broadcast on TVB in Hong Kong from 2 June to 11 July 2003. The 30-episodes long series contains a total of eight different stories, set in China in the 1930s.


In the 1930s, Wisely returns to China from his overseas studies and runs a detective agency in Shanghai to investigate paranormal events. He meets a doctor named Pak So and she becomes his love interest, but they encounter several trials and tribulations to test their love before they finally get together. The series is divided into eight different stories, with Wisely and his team setting off to investigate and crack each mystery case. The stories are listed as follows:


Detective agency

Gallen Lo Wisely Boss of the detective agency
Tavia Yeung Wong Hung-hung Wisely's cousin
Mak Cheung-ching Kwok Tsak-ching Wisely's assistant
Power Chan Chan Cheung-ching Wisely's assistant
Fiona Yuen Choi May-sin Wisely's secretary

Pak family

Eddy Ko Boss Pak Boss of the Green Gang
Michael Tong Pak Kei-wai Boss Pak's son; Pa-chu's husband
Yoyo Mung Pak So Boss Pak's daughter; Wisely's girlfriend
Halina Tam Pa-chu Pak Kei-wai's wife
Suet Nei Aunt Ho Pak family's servant

Green Gang

Benz Hui Sung Kin Sung Fuk's brother
Chan Wing-chun Sung Fuk Sung Kin's brother
Yeung Ka-nok To Chung
Daniel kwok Ma Cheung
Peter Pang Shum Ming
Tsui Wing Chow Chung
Lee Kai-kit Ho Mou
Lee Kong-lung Ching Yee
Leo Tsang Hon Sam
Lee Hoi-sang Lau Ah-kan

Wan family

Mat Yeung Wan Po-yu Medicine shop boss
Mimi Chu Mrs Wan Wan Po-yu's mother
Sharon Chan Lam Tai-yuk Wan Po-yu's cousin
Yu Mou-lin Deaf Granny Wan family's servant


Bowie Wu Keung Wai-tai Police chief
Jimmy Au Tit-Dan Police inspector; Wisely's former classmate
Ngo Ka-nin Wong Tong Policeman
Kam Chi-ching Policeman
Adam Ip Policeman
Hoffman Cheng Policeman


Chun Wong Old Choi Wisely's housekeeper
Apple Ha Sister Fan Wisely's house servant
John Tang Wu Syut Doctor
Joe Junior Uncle Sam Performer in restaurant
Deno Cheung Kor Pik Inventor; Wisely's friend
David Do Sa Mok Inventor; Wisely's friend
Ken Lok Lei Yau-wai Newspaper agency boss
Brian Wong Ha Kwai-jo Reporter
Wilson Tsui Uncle Po Pawn shop boss; Chan Cheung-ching's uncle
Ho Man-kit Pau Siu-lung Pawn shop worker

Characters in Paper Monkey

Lau Kong Chun Cheng-hei
Wong Man-piu Yu Ting-man
Cheng Fan-sang Ka Number Two
Luk Chun-kwong Kwai Fu Bong
Suen Kwai-hing Factory supervisor

Characters in Deadly Body Change

Ku Feng Cheng Tin-luk Deceased patriarch of Cheng family
Law Lan Mrs Cheng Deceased wife of Cheng Tin-luk
Chang Tse-sheng Cheng Po-wan Cheng Tin-luk's son
Eric Chung Dr Fai Kak
Wong Wai-tung Ah-sing
Catherine Chow Ah-sing's girlfriend
So Lai-ming Cheng Po-wan's secretary
Yau Piu Cheng family's servant
Ngai Wai-man Cheng family's servant

Characters in Charcoal

Felix Lok Kai Say
Ellesmere Choi Lam Tsi-yun
Lam Pak-chun
Lam Pak-chun is Lam Tsi-yun's son
Raymond Tsang Bin Ng Kai Say's follower
Kwan Ching Lam Yuk-sing Lam family's ancestor
Janice Shum Lam Tsi-yun's wife

Characters in Searching Dreams

Roger Kwok
(Guest star)
Yeung Lap-kwan Architect
Anne Heung
(Guest star)
Lau Lai-ling Singer
Lau Yuk-tsui Hung Yuk-tsing Yeung Lap-kwan's wife
Chan Tik-hak Wu Hip-sing
Chu Kin-kwan Siu Chin Yeung Lap-kwan's previous incarnation
Wah Chung-nam Wong Sing Wu Hip-sing's previous incarnation
Tse Po-law Leung Pak-tsung Hung Yuk-tsing's previous incarnation
Kwok Tak-shun Lam Kei-lung
Chan Min-leung Chin Yung
Ling Lai-man Uncle Chik
Wong Tsi-wai Yeung Lap-kwan's secretary
Ting Chu-wai Ah-say

Characters in Bug Suspect

Kong Hon King-ban Tribal chief
Mok Ka-yiu Mang-kor
Reyan Yan Pa-tsi To Chung's girlfriend
Lam King-kong Yat-ting King-ban's son
Fung Hiu-man Aunt Kam-fa Pa-chu's aunt

Characters in Supernatural Beings

Kwok Fung Ka Yuk-tsan
Yu Tze-ming Lau Sing
Lau Hoi
Lau Sing and Lau Hoi are brothers
Dickson Lee San-kau Ya-tsat Japanese general
Cheng On-tung Fung Yuen-yee To Chung's wife
Yu Tin-wai Old immortal
Ngan Kin-kwok Young immortal

Characters in Ghost Story

Liu Kai-chi Chai-wong Voodoo master
Wong Ching Si-noi Voodoo master; Chai-wong's apprentice brother
Eileen Yeow Yu Fa / Chuen-to Fa-tsi San-kau Ya-tsat's follower
Ho Chi-cheung San-kau Ya-tsat's henchman
Cheung Hon-ban San-kau Ya-tsat's henchman

Characters in Disturbing Graves

Derek Kok Colonel Ching-lung
Savio Tsang Tsai-pak Pak Kei-wai's friend
Yu Yeung Commander Wong Ching-lung's boss
Gregory Charles Rivers Nelson American secret agent
Law Tin-chi Nelson's follower
Cheung Hak Man in black
Chuk Man-kwan Lin-heung

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