Stored Images

Stored Images
Studio album by Suicide Commando
Released 1995
Genre Electro-industrial
Length 50:24
Producer Johan Van Roy
Suicide Commando chronology
Critical Stage
Stored Images

Stored Images is a 1995 album by Belgian electro-industrial act Suicide Commando.

Track listing

  1. "Murder"
  2. "The Exit"
  3. "Save Me (Remix)"
  4. "The Human Disgrace"
  5. "Intercourse (Reload II)"
  6. "Dying Inside"
  7. "Mortal Combat (Final Act I)"
  8. "The End of Your Life"
  9. "Actions of the Mind"
  10. "T.V.-Obsession"
  11. "See You in Hell!"

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