SCH (band)

SCH in concert Sarajevo (2012)
Origin  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genres Industrial rock, experimental, post-punk, noise rock, alternative, electro-industrial, techno
Years active 1983–present
Members Senad Hadžimusić Teno
Past members Mila Mikanović, Branko Đurić, Saša Petrović, Petar Erak, Zlatan Hadžić, Elmir Imamović Elči, Sveto Ignjatović, Nenad Kosović, Samir Bjelanović, Goran Obradović Granon, Danijel Prebanić, Slobodan Aličehajić Bodo, Armin Bezdrob, Armin Bušatlić, Damir Avdić Graha, and others

SCH (an abbreviation for "Schizophrenia") is the musical and artistic project and band (or rather the band-alterego)[1] of Senad Hadžimusić, who is better known by his nickname Teno. Formed in the early-eighties in Sarajevo, the band has had an intensive creative and live existence. SCH represents one of the most significant names in the field of alternative rock music in the former Yugoslavia. Radio Student Ljubljana's Igor Bašin has noted: "As Ljubljana's got Laibach and Belgrade's got EKV and Disciplina Kičme alias Šarlo Akrobata, thus Sarajevo's got SCH. SCH is the key-name of the Sarajevo Alternative Scene."[2] Bosnian writer Miljenko Jergović once described SCH as "...a group of Sarajevan alternative maniacs who have, infinitely and into infinity, dissipated more wild energy and artificial rebellion than one could fit into all the gothic underground cellars from Hamburg to London."[3]

SCH Music

SCH's constantly changing, radically unconventional and experimental music is sometimes cursorily referred as "a mix of Laibach, modern dance electronica, punk edge and Bosnian folklore."[4]

A number of reviewers have commented on the precise, determined, and industrial aspects of their sound and production, shared by German industrial, noise, and Krautrock bands.[5] Eldin Hadžović notes in BH Dani, "Noise has been a common denominator in the band's 20-year-old work, during which numerous line-ups have styles came and went, together with high and lows (the latter principally being a long production/performing pause)... SCH has not deviated one inch from its principal task - to serve as a mirror to our reality, seen through the prism of schizophrenia... SCH sounds like nothing that came before them, or anything that may come after they’ve gone."[6]

Milestones and Influences

Live line-up

As of 2007, SCH live consists of Senad Hadžimusić Teno on vocals/guitars/synths; Rida Attarashany on synths/rhythm machine.



Other releases

SCH's music has also been featured in a number of films and radio programs, as well as in the theater.[9][10]



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