Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise is an episode of the hit TV show, Robot Chicken and it was aired as a half-hour special during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on April 6, 2014.[1] It serves as the sequel to the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special that focuses more on the Legion of Doom and is followed by Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship.


List of sketches

1. In the opening segment, the DC villains escape from Arkham Asylum, which is being guarded by the characters of Robot Chicken.

2. Bizarro has difficulty communicating with a girl scout.

3. At the headquarters of the Legion of Doom, the villains have their typical everyday problems while Lex brings his daughter Lena to work at the coffee shop during her Spring Break.

4. Superman introduces his "clone," Superboy, to the Justice League.

5. Ace the Bat-Hound and a dog dressed like Bane re-enact a running joke from the last special.

6. Lex's days from his youth as "Sexx Luthor" are exposed to the Legion of Doom during a meeting.

7. Reverse Flash introduces "Reverse Iris" to his enemy and his girlfriend.

8. Batman and Green Lantern try to come up with a less emasculating way for Batman to enter the battlefield.

9. Like Lena, the Legion demands Lex to give them some vacation time. They find out that Lena escaped to spend time at the beach with her boyfriend. Lex decides to fly the Legion to the beach to search for Lena, and inadvertently hurts Swamp Thing in the process.

10. Green Arrow struggles to fly the invisible jet when Wonder Woman's knocked out.

11. Doctor Fate's date takes a turn for the worse when an actual doctor is needed.

12. Cyborg shows how he goes to the bathroom.

13. At Green Arrow's funeral, Batman rants about how death works in the DC Universe.

14. The Robot Chicken Nerd gets an internship at the Daily Planet.

15. Aquaman uses his date's pet fish to see if she's worth it.

16. The Legion arrives on the beach and uses the time to hang out and cause mischief. They discover that the Justice League is also on the beach and that Lena and Superboy are dating, much to the dismay of Lex, Superman, and both teams. Before a fight between the two sides happens, a mutated Starro arrives on the beach to wreak havoc, forcing the heroes and villains to team up to stop him. Though Starro reconsiders his attack after seeing Lena and Superboy's love, he is defeated by Batman and Green Lantern's sailboat. Superman and Lex agree that they can't stop the power of love as the two sides attend the wedding of Gorilla Grodd and Bizarro. Lex reunites with his band mates to perform as Sexx Luthor once more.

Voice cast


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