Tristesse de la Lune

Tristesse de la Lune
Genres Electropop
Years active 2002–present
Labels Out of Line Music
Associated acts Blutengel
Members Gini Martin
Past members Kati Roloff (-2007)

Tristesse de la Lune (translates to "Sadness of the Moon" in French) is an electropop group founded by German musicians Kati Roloff and Gini Martin, who gained fame as the female vocalists in Blutengel for songs as "Weg Zu Mir," "Fairyland (Female Version)", "Seelenschmerz", "I'm Dying Alone" among others. Both left Blutengel at the end of 2001 for personal and unknown reasons, and as they said in a 2002 interview "Blutengel was becoming too cliché", and formed Tristesse de la Lune. Their songs typically have romantic lyrics usually inspired in their personal lives or books. They are on Out of Line Music and are one of the main bands of the label.

Kati left Tristesse de la Lune early 2007 but Gini carries on the name and has recorded six songs (as of February 2007) for a new album. A sound sample is available on the official website.



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