Original author(s) Tencent technology cooperation team
Developer(s) Tencent
Stable release
QQLive2010Beta2 / May 20, 2010
Development status released
Operating system Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7
Size 6.47 M
Available in Chinese



QQlive is a live streaming video freeware created by Tencent, which takes advantages of advanced P2P streaming media technology to ensure program keep fluency with many people viewing at the same time. It attracts 3,000,000 visitors per day.[1]


QQLive provides two modes to view, community mode and player mode. Community mode integrates chatroom and forum, which can offer users a platform to discuss the program you viewing and make more friend there. Player mode is simpler to offer video watching function. Users can choose different view mode due to personal favor. QQLive was also released for iPhone, Android Phone and iPad. QQLive for iPhone was released in 2011. Its newest version 3.7 has reached the first place in the free app charts of China Apple Store.


Lighten QQlive

After installation of QQlive, the software icon will be lightened if users log for five days constantly. But if user did not log in for fifteen days, the icon would extinguish.

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