ProTV Chișinău

ProTV Chișinău
Launched 3 September 1999
Owned by Central European Media Enterprises
Slogan Gândește liber (Think freely)
Country MDA
Headquarters 7 Petru Maior str., Chisinau, Moldova
Sister channel(s), PRO.FM Chisinau, Acasa in Moldova

ProTV Chișinău is a private, commercial TV station from Moldova, founded in 1999, operated by Prodigital SRL (initially - Mediapro SRL), part of CME trust. Besides PRO TV Bucharest's programs, ProTV Chișinău broadcasts, according to an own grid, several local newscasts and shows, as well as local advertising.

ProTV Chișinău is one of the first private televisions in Moldova and one of the most important general TV.

The company is managed, since foundation, by Catalin Giosan.

ProTV Chișinău's premises are located on 7, Pentru Maior Str., Chisinau.

ProTV Chișinău news

ProTV Chișinău broadcasts 3 news bulletins a day, Monday to Thursday, two bulletins on Fridays and one newscast on Saturdays and Sundays. News at 17.00 are anchored by Anisoara Loghin, at 20.00 - by Angela Gonta, and at 22.30 - by Sorina Obreja. Cristina Gheiceanu is the anchor of the weekend news.

The main newscast, on air at 20.00, is the most viewed news program in Chisinau, according to a survey by IMAS Chisinau. The day-after recall study, taken in October–November 2012, shows that approximately 300.000 Moldovans every evening watch ProTV Chișinău's news at 20.00.

At urban level, ProTV Chișinău is the second most viewed channel. According to the IMAS's study, approximately 11% of those watching TV in prime-time, tune in on ProTV Chișinău.

ProTV Chișinău was the only TV, which covered live the events on April 7, 2009, for international television stations. APTN took the satellite signal by PRO TV right from the square in front of the Parliament attacked with stones, at that very moment. Also, ProTV Chișinău supplied news stories and pictures for TV stations across the world, mainly in Rusia, Ucraine, Italy, Great Britain and the United States. ProTV Chișinău reporters are the ones to report live for PRO TV in Bucharest from Russia (as in case of Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002).


"În Profunzime" with Lorena Bogza - is one of the most popular political talk-shows in Moldova. The show, which lasts about one hour, is hosted by Lorena Bogza and is broadcast at 21.00. The most important politicians are the show's guests.

"Autoexpert" with Andrei Tabuica - is a show on cars, hosted by Andrei Tabuica, the editor-in-chief of a magazine with the same name. "Autoexpert" is broadcast at 11.00 on Saturdays.

Online/New media/Internet - In 2007, ProTV Chișinău relaunched its website Nowadays, the portal is the most visited news site in Moldova, according to Gemius, an on-line traffic measurer. In February 2013, had 672 000 unique visitors, Google Analytics data show. The one-day record - almost 130 000 unique visitors - was set in 2011, April 3, the day of Parliamentary elections. - this portal, having the ProTV Chișinău talk-show's name, is a political debate platform. Created for political news stories and analysis, the site hosts live-chats, as well as live video transmissions and live text coverage of main political events. - is the ProTV Chișinău's website dedicated to women. With a monthly traffic of about 300.000 unique visitors, it is the most popular women portal in Moldova. - is the website of the ProFM Chișinău radio station. Contains entertainment news stories and live transmission of the radio content. - is the website of the Acasă în Moldova TV station, run by Prodigital SRL.

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