Orbiting Cathedrals

Orbiting Cathedrals
Studio album by Pro>Tech
Released October 7, 1997 (1997-10-07)[1]
Recorded Cryogenic Studios, Vancouver
Genre Techno, drum and bass
Length 56:34
Label Dossier, Hypnotic
Professional ratings
Review scores
Ink 19Favorable[2]
Naked Truth[3]

Orbiting Cathedrals is the only album by Pro>Tech, a side project of Canadian industrial musician Bill Leeb with the help of industrial musician Chris Peterson.[4] The project was launched in 1997 in the wake of the release of the album [FLA]vour of the Weak from industrial band Front Line Assembly, which at the time consisted of Leeb and Peterson. Orbiting Cathedrals is supposed to be a musical twin of [FLA]vour of the Weak.[5] The album was released through German label Dossier and re-released in 2000 by Hypnotic. Tracks from Orbiting Cathedrals have also appeared on Cryogenic Studios and Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2, compilation albums with songs from Front Line Assembly and related projects.

Track listing

All tracks written by Bill Leeb, except where noted. 

1."Pheromne"  10:29
2."Erotic Ontology"  8:15
3."Thread Four"  8:45
4."Walls of Ice"  5:41
5."Recalcitrant"  6:32
6."Eros"  6:45
7."Communication" (Written and composed by Leeb and Chris Peterson.)4:24
8."Re-Thread" (Written and composed by Leeb and Peterson.)7:43



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