Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2

Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2
Compilation album by Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Delerium, Pro>Tech, Equinox and Synæsthesia
Released November 14, 2000 (2000-11-14)[1]
Recorded Cryogenic Studio, Vancouver, B.C.
Genre Electro-industrial, electronic, ambient house, drum'n'bass, big beat, ambient, EBM
Length 125:33
Label Cleopatra
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Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2
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Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2
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Cryogenic Studio, Vol. 2 is a compilation album, released in 2000, and the follow-up to the 1998 album Cryogenic Studios. It is composed from songs of electronic music bands Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Delerium, Pro>Tech, Equinox, and Synæsthesia, all of which are projects of Canadian electronic musician Bill Leeb. The album title refers to the name of Cryogenic Studio in Vancouver that serves as headquarters studio for Front Line Assembly and related side projects.[2][3] All tracks except "Biosphere", "Eros", "Door to the Otherside", "Miracle", "Inner Chaos", and "Re-Thread" were re-released in 2005 by Cleopatra on the compilation album The Best of Cryogenic Studio, together with most of the tracks from previous compilation album Cryogenic Studios.[4]

The back cover shows several errors.[5][6] The sixth song on disc one is called "Door to the Otherside" but only "Otherside" is visible. The ninth track on disc two is falsely labeled "Turmoil" and the track's length is not correct. Also, the number of the bands does not match the number of the songs.

Track listing

Disc 1
No. TitleWriter(s)Artist Length
1. "Paradise"  Bill Leeb, Rhys FulberNoise Unit 8:38
2. "Biosphere"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 9:33
3. "Amnesia"  Leeb, Chris PetersonDelerium 9:10
4. "Eros"  Leeb, PetersonPro>Tech 6:47
5. "Phenomena"  Leeb, PetersonEquinox 5:45
6. "Door to the Otherside"  LeebSynæsthesia 11:14
7. "The Drain"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 6:43
8. "Amorphous"  Leeb, PetersonFront Line Assembly 4:50
Disc 2
No. TitleWriter(s)Artist Length
1. "Miracle"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 6:42
2. "Inner Chaos"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 7:54
3. "Ambience"  Leeb, PetersonDelerium 4:48
4. "Electronic Dream"  Leeb, PetersonEquinox 6:47
5. "Re-Thread"  Leeb, PetersonPro>Tech 7:40
6. "Floatation"  LeebSynæsthesia 8:36
7. "Alle gegen alle"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 4:32
8. "Penance"  Leeb, FulberNoise Unit 6:03
9. "Mutate"  Leeb, Michael BalchFront Line Assembly 5:41

Tracks 3 and 8 on disc 1 and track 3 on disc 2 are previously unreleased.


Front Line Assembly

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