Play Out of Tune

Play Out Of Tune
EP by The Bambi Molesters
Released April 1995
Genre Garage rock revival
Length 29:00
Label Slušaj najglasnije!
Producer The Bambi Molesters
The Bambi Molesters chronology
Play Out Of Tune EP
Dumb Loud Hollow Twang

The Bambi Molesters Play Out Of Tune is the debut EP disc of Croatian rock band The Bambi Molesters. This early recordings differentiate from the band's later ones. The record has cheap production and it sounds more like 60's garage punk than surf rock. The disc contents only 2 instrumentals and 9 songs with vocals, including a cover-version of Pere Ubu song. It was recorded and released on cassette in 1995, while the Croatian War of Independence was still ongoing.

Track listing

All tracks written by Pavičić/Tomljanović except where noted. 

1."Wanganui"   1:49
2."She's So Soft Inside"   2:34
3."1000 Songs"   2:58
4."Idle Moments"   2:25
5."Her Delta's Blues"   1:57
6."Good Times"  Nobody's Children2:47
7."Catatonya"   3:55
8."Little Beach Bunny"  Usher/Christian2:10
9."Cradle Snatcher"   3:32
10."I Can't Believe It"  Pere Ubu2:05
11."Charlie Brown Manson"   3:18


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