As the Dark Wave Swells

As The Dark Wave Swells (2010) is the fifth and latest album by Croatian surf-rock band The Bambi Molesters.

As The Dark Wave Swells
Studio album by The Bambi Molesters
Released 2010
Genre Surf rock, instrumental rock
Label Dancing Bear
Producer Chris Eckman
The Bambi Molesters chronology
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As The Dark Wave Swells

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "As The Dark Wave Swells"  D. Pavičić 4:33
2. "The Kiss-Off"  D. Pavičić 3:38
3. "Wrong Turn"  Tomljanović / Zaborac / Furlan-Zaborac 3:13
4. "Point Of No Return"  D. Pavičić 3:57
5. "Into The Crimson Sunset"  D. Pavičić / D. Tomljanović 3:14
6. "Panic Party"  D. Pavičić / D. Tomljanović 3:09
7. "Lazy Girls Hangout"  D. Pavičić 4:19
8. "Siboney"  E. Lecuona 3:19
9. "Mindbender"  D. Pavičić 2:25
10. "Thunderin' Guitar"  J. Knettel 1:39
11. "Rising East"  Tomljanović / Zaborac / Furlan-Zaborac 4:27



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