Oblivious (U.S. game show)

This article is about a game show. For the state of being unaware, see Oblivion (disambiguation). For the song, see Oblivious (Aztec Camera song).
Genre Hidden camera comedy game show
Created by Mark Baker
Steve Havers
Presented by Regan Burns
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
Running time approx. 26 minutes
Production company(s) Stone Stanley Entertainment
Original network Spike
Original release August 1, 2002 (2002-08-01) – June 1, 2004 (2004-06-01)
Related shows Oblivious (UK version)

Oblivious (rendered on screen as Obliviou$) is a hidden camera comedy game show based on the British format by Tiger Aspect Productions and Mast Media of the same name.


Host Regan Burns would take a camera crew with him and ask unsuspecting people trivia questions, while playing some sort of role. The person being asked the questions didn't know they were on TV until after Burns finished asking the questions, but usually he would do one final bit in his role before revealing the truth. For every question the contestant got correct, they received $20 in cash. Five questions usually were asked per person, for a possible $100.

At the start of the show, and before and after commercial breaks, Burns would walk up next to someone on the street and ask a single question for $20, before saying "We'll be right back" or a similar phrase. On some occasions, this money was refused.

Once per episode, there was a speed round, where contestants could get $20 for every question they answered correctly within one minute. At the end, contestants got a chance at a $100 bonus question, with that amount in cash given to them if they got it right.

Once per episode, Burns would give the unsuspecting contestant a chance at up to $500 more (this was called the Lightning Round), if s/he would take on the role of quizmaster. He would walk them through it using a hidden camera and a headset microphone out of view, and for every question that the next contestant got right, the first player got $100. (The other player got $20 per correct answer regardless.)

Sometimes other actors pretend to win money with the contestant.


These are some of the disguises played by the host:

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