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Stone Stanley Entertainment is an American film and television production company, founded in 1990 by David G. Stanley and Scott A. Stone as Stone Stanley Productions. Since then, Stone Stanley has produced several television programs, most notably Shop 'til You Drop, Loveline, Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Man Show, The Mole, Popstars, and The Joe Schmo Show, plus 6 of the most successful Jane Fonda exercise videos, and the first Dimension Films theatrical motion picture release, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice.

It was originally known as Stone Television, then after the death of Stone's partner Bob Synes in 1990, Stone joined forces with David Stanley to form Stone Stanley Productions in 1990, which became Stone Stanley Entertainment in 1999. The company produced reality and game show programs such as Loveline (MTV),[1] Fun House, The Man Show, Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Mole, Celebrity Mole (2001-2008) ABC and Shop 'til You Drop. The company also produced failed TV projects such as the US version of Winning Lines in association with Celador, Mall Masters, Born Lucky, Big Deal, Pop Stars, and Oblivious, among many others.

David Stanley left the company in 2004. Four months later, the company's name changed to Stone & Company Entertainment. The first program made under the Stone & Company name was the Nickelodeon hidden camera series Hi-Jinks, and the second was the Nickelodeon game show BrainSurge, which underwent a name change to Family BrainSurge, and moved to Nick@Nite. Meanwhile in later years, Stanley formed his own production company called The Stanley Entertainment Group.


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