Nurnberg Fish Trials

Nürnberg Fish Trials
Live album by Flipper
Released 1991
Recorded September 15, 1991 at the Trust, Nürnberg, Germany
Genre Noise rock
Label Musical Tragedies
Flipper chronology
Public Flipper Limited (1986) Nürnberg Fish Trials (1991) Live at CBGB's (1997)

Nürnberg Fish Trials is Flipper's third live album. It was recorded on September 15, 1991 at the Trust in Nürnberg, Germany[1]

Track list

  1. "The Light, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise"
  2. "Sacrifice"
  3. "Love Canal"
  4. "The John Show"
  5. "Sex Bomb"
  6. "Life"
  7. "Ever"
  8. "Nothing Prettier than Elvis"



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