Sex Bomb Baby

Sex Bomb Baby
Compilation album by Flipper
Released September 8, 1988 (1988-09-08)
Recorded 1979–1982, various studios
Genre Hardcore punk, noise rock
Label Subterranean Records (original release
Infinite Zero/American Recordings (1995 reissue)
Water Records (2008 reissue)
Domino Records (2009 UK & European release)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Robert ChristgauA–[1]

Sex Bomb Baby is a compilation album by Flipper. It contains singles, b-sides, and compilation tracks from 1979–1982.

Track listing

  1. "Sex Bomb"
  2. "Love Canal"
  3. "Ha Ha Ha"
  4. "Sacrifice" (live)
  5. "Falling" (live) (bonus track on 1995 reissue)
  6. "Ever" (live)
  7. "Get Away"
  8. "Earthworm"
  9. "The Game's Got a Price"
  10. "The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly"
  11. "Brainwash"
  12. "Lowrider" (live) (bonus track on 1995 reissue)
  13. "End of the Game" (live) (bonus track on 1995 reissue)


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