New Kids on the Block (TV series)

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New Kids on the Block
Genre Animation
Developed by Kayte Kuch
Sheryl Scarborough
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Andy Heyward
Dick Scott
Running time 30 minutes
Original network ABC
Original release September 8 – December 14, 1990

New Kids on the Block is an animated television series featuring the adventures of the New Kids on the Block. The series lasted a season from 1990 on ABC. Beginning the following year, it aired in reruns from October 12, 1991[1] to 1993 on The Disney Channel.[2][3]

Though the group appeared in live action clips, their voices were done by other voice actors, due to licensing reasons. "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" was the opening theme, while an instrumental version of "Step by Step" was the closing theme.


The series focuses on the group's misadventures along with their managers, who are based on their real-life one Maurice Starr.


  1. "The New Kid In The Class" (September 8, 1990)
  2. "Sheik of My Dreams" (September 15, 1990)
  3. "In Step...Out of Time" (September 22, 1990)
  4. "Cow-A-Bunka" (September 29, 1990)
  5. "Kissed, Missed and Double D'ist"
  6. "D'ist Dream Date"
  7. "Hot Dog"
  8. "Overnight Success"
  9. "The Legend of the Sandman"
  10. "New Heroes On The Block"
  11. "New Kids on The Old Block"
  12. "The New Kids Off The Wall"
  13. "Rewind Time"
  14. "Christmas Special" (December 14, 1990) (This episode aired on prime time, not Saturday morning.)

Principal cast

Additional voices



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