101 Dalmatians: The Series

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101 Dalmatians: The Series
Also known as 101 Dalmatians
Genre Comedy
Developed by Jim Jinkins
David Campbell
Written by Jim Jinkins
Directed by Victor Cook
Ken Boyer
Rick Schneider-Calabash
Creative director(s) Jumbo Pictures
Voices of Pamela Adlon
Debi Mae West
Kath Soucie
Tara Charendoff
April Winchell
Jim Cummings
Danny Cooksey
Cree Summer
Rob Paulsen
Jeff Bennett
Frank Welker
Charlotte Rae
Pam Dawber
Kevin Schon
Michael Donovan
Theme music composer Various
Opening theme "101 Dalmatians"
Ending theme "101 Dalmatians" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) Mark Watters
Dan Sawyer
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 65 (105 segments)
Executive producer(s) Jim Jinkins
David Campbell
Tony Craig
Roberts Gannaway
Producer(s) Martha Ripp
Victor Cook
Ken Boyer
Rick Schneider-Calabash
Location(s) New York City
Cinematography Walt Disney Television
Editor(s) Jim Jinkins
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22 min
Production company(s) Jumbo Pictures
Walt Disney Television Animation
Distributor Buena Vista Television
Original network Syndication (1997-98) (season 1)
ABC (1997-98)(season 2)
Picture format SD: 4:3 (broadcast/VHS release)
HD: 16:9 (streaming)
Audio format Dolby Surround
First shown in September 13, 1997 (1997-09-13)
Original release September 13, 1997 (1997-09-13) – March 4, 1998 (1998-03-04)
Preceded by Doug
Followed by PB&J Otter

101 Dalmatians: The Series is an animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation in association with Jumbo Pictures[1] based on the 1961 Disney animated feature of the same name and its 1996 live-action remake. The show spanned two seasons, with the first episode airing on September 13, 1997,[2] and the last episode airing on March 4, 1998.[3]


The show focuses primarily on three particular puppies: Lucky, TV addict, leader, and unconventional hero; Rolly, his fat, cheerful, laid-back, and always-hungry brother; and Cadpig, their intellectual and fast-talking sister, who is the runt of the family. The three siblings are often joined by Spot, a chicken who wants to be a dog and a member of the "Bark Brigade." Early promotional material had listed "dictatorial Penny and mischievous Patch" as two other puppy cast members, but the highlighted puppies were whittled down to three. The series is set on the "Dalmatian Plantation," the farm where the dalmatians relocated after the end of the film (one episode features the dalmatians running away to return to the now-abandoned London flat where they were born), shortly after the events of the film.

Other puppies appearing in the show have included the fearless, three-legged Tripod; the friendly but dim-witted Dipstick; the constantly urinating Wizzer; the fashion-conscious diva Two-Tone; and the Sheepdog mix, Mooch, who serves as the farm's bully. Penny and Patch also make occasional appearances, though with different personalities than originally promoted. The show seems to be a blending of both the original animated film and the live-action feature, so the potential exists for other puppies from the films to appear, especially Freckles, Pepper, Jewel, and Fidget.


101 Dalmatians: The Series debuted in syndication on September 1, 1997, running new episodes five days a week. Two weeks later, the show came to ABC's One Saturday Morning lineup, airing original episodes that could only be seen on the network. Sixty-five episodes were produced: Twelve episodes with 18 segments on ABC and 53 shows containing 62 in syndication.[4] By March 1998 the show played its last episode in Season 2.

Reruns continued to play on ABC until 2000, when the show was moved to the Disney Channel and then later to Toon Disney. On January 30, 2006, Toon Disney aired the show for the final time regularly, while four episodes were shown in March 2007 for the final time. As of that day, 101 Dalmatians: The Series has been off the air in most countries with a Disney Channel franchise. It is currently being syndicated on the United Kingdom channel Disney Cinemagic and was also aired on the Latin American version of Disney Channel during 2008, then on January 2, 2010, Season 2 moved to RTÉ Two in Ireland. It aired a few times in early 2011 Fridays at 4 a.m. on Disney Junior, but after four airings, its airing has been discontinued. As of March 23, 2012, 101 Dalmatians: The Series returned to the Disney Junior Channel, but on September 3, 2013, it was removed.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 September 13, 1997 January 10, 1998
2 52 September 1, 1997 March 4, 1998

One Saturday Morning: 1997–98

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
11"Home is Where the Bark Is"September 13, 1997 (1997-09-13)
When Roger and Anita's house proves to be too much trouble for the 101 dogs they own, they move to a new farm. Lucky, Cadpig, and Rolly, however, prefer the city life and are determined to return to their old home. Then, Cruella keeps the pups hostage in the old city house and forces Roger and Anita to give over the farm.
22"Full Metal Pullet/Dough the Right Thing"September 20, 1997 (1997-09-20)

Full Metal Pullet: Lucky tries to get Spot thrown out of the Bark Brigade when she messes up their cohesion drills and also out of annoyance she is his assigned partner on the Bark Brigade.

Dough the Right Thing: When thinking they have done the right thing by returning Cruella's purse, the pups and Spot realize they have actually given Cruella Anita's purse.
33"He Followed Me Home/Love 'Em and Flea 'Em"September 27, 1997 (1997-09-27)

He Followed Me Home: A circus elephant wanders onto the Dearly Farm, which gives Cruella the idea that the Dearlys will be forced to sell the farm because their deed prohibits them from having any pets other than their 101 Dalmatians and the animals already part of the farm.

Love 'Em and Flea 'Em: Lucky wishes to attend a dance with Two-Tone, but ends up with fleas, and he tries to get rid of them. However, Mooch wants to make Lucky fail so Two-Tone will be his girlfriend again, so he tries to spoil Lucky's friends' attempts at getting rid of them.
44"Howl Noon/Easy on the Lies"October 4, 1997 (1997-10-04)

Howl Noon: Lt. Pug's old bully rival, Persian Pete, comes back to haunt him at exactly noon, and Cadpig is determined to help him face his fear by hypnotizing him into a trance.

Easy on the Lies: When Rolly traps himself into hearing the Colonel tell a story he has heard very often, Lucky stretches the truth to try to get him out of it, which lands them all in trouble by forcing them to sneak into Cruella's dwelling.
55"Two for the Show/An Officer and a Gentledog"October 11, 1997 (1997-10-11)

Two for the Show: Lucky and Rolly compete on the game show Squeal of Fortune to win a bone autographed by Thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Cruella enters Scorch and Vendella into the show as well to advertise her new fashion pet wear. Then, Steven the alligator arrives and causes havoc at the show's end.

An Officer and a Gentledog: Lucky and Tripod compete to become Top Dog of Lt. Pug's Bark Brigade on the "Obstacle Course of Unspeakable Pain and Agony." The competition becomes more and more heated as the obstacle course goes on.
66"Bad to the Bone/Southern Fried Cruella"October 18, 1997 (1997-10-18)

Bad to the Bone: Rolly joins Mooch's gang after faking a fight with Cydne the Snake, although he dumps his true friends in the process. However, later Cydne comes to confront Rolly to force him to tell the truth.

Southern Fried Cruella: Cruella makes her latest plans using the means of pollution, by being given responsibility of the farm while Roger and Anita are away and fooling the landlord into allowing her to build factories around the farm.
77"Swine Song/Watch for Falling Idols"October 25, 1997 (1997-10-25)

Swine Song: Rolly believes he has fallen in love with Dumpling and attempts to impress her. However, Dumpling doesn't seem interested in Rolly, causing him to lose hope. Lucky, Cadpig, and Spot attempt to help Rolly make an impression on Dumpling.

Watch for Falling Idols: A Thunderbolt executive orders the Dearly Farm be used for the next episode of Thunderbolt. Lucky is overjoyed at the news. Despite this, when Lucky learns Thunderbolt doesn't do all his own stunts, which causes him to lose faith in his hero. Meanwhile, Cruella attempts to play a part in the production.
88"The High Price of Fame/The Great Cat Invasion"November 1, 1997 (1997-11-01)

The High Price of Fame: Spot embarrasses herself while the pups videotape her every move and submit it to Stupendously Embarrassing Home Videos, causing her to sign a deal with Swamp Rat to clear her name.

The Great Cat Invasion: Fed up of hearing about Lt. Pug's fictional cat invasion, Lucky devises a plan to get him off their backs. However, the pups later discover Cruella's latest plot and realize that Lt. Pug may have been telling the truth after all.
99"No Train, No Gain"November 8, 1997 (1997-11-08)
After seeing a boy billionaire ask for a specific railway car, Cruella tries to get rich quick by stealing the one on the Dearly's farm. However, the pups and the Colonel attempt to prevent Cruella from getting her hands on it, causing them to embark on a wild mountain chase
1010"Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure/Wild Chick Chase"November 15, 1997 (1997-11-15)

Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure: Rolly baby-sits Spot's mother's eggs, which Scorch tries to steal. When the chicks hatch, they believe Rolly is their mother.

Wild Chick Chase: Spot has to baby-sit a chick, Peeps, when she really would rather go for a swim. She decides to find out if she can do both. However, Peeps the chick loves milk and keeps sneaking off to find more of it, keeping Spot on her toes.
1111"The Dogs of De Vil/Dog's Best Friend"November 22, 1997 (1997-11-22)

The Dogs of De Vil: After watching a soap opera, Cadpig jumps to the conclusion that Cruella telling Anita to work on a Saturday and her obedience to that order means Roger and Anita are divorcing.

Dog's Best Friend: Lucky gets a new friend called Blaze, who has just arrived on the farm, but after a while, Rolly becomes jealous of him.
1212"A Christmas Cruella"December 20, 1997 (1997-12-20)
An adaption of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol with Cruella in the role of Scrooge, Jasper and Horace as Marley, Cadpig as the ghost of Christmas Past, Rolly as the ghost of Christmas Present, and Spot as the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
1313"Out to Launch/Prophet and Loss"January 10, 1998 (1998-01-10)

Out to Launch: Cruella wants to start a space-located weight loss spa using an old rocket while Rolly and Cadpig force Lucky to check out Cruella's trash due to his 'unhealthy' interest in Roger's space flight stimulator.

Prophet and Loss: After Rolly wins a race, everyone accuses Cadpig of being a psychic. Soon, Cadpig starts to realize she really is one and she makes untruthful predictions.

Syndication: 1997–98

No. Title Original airdate Summary
14A You Slipped a Disk September 1, 1997 Lucky has to guard Roger's computer game disk from Cruella, due to the fact that it portrays Cruella as an evil machine called the 'Cruellanator.' However, Scorch, Cruella's ferret, steals the disk and so Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig must get it back.
14B Chow About That? September 1, 1997 When Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig miss lunch, Lucky plans a raid on the Chow Tower. However, Spot tries to tell them something that the pups are unaware of.
15A Tic Track Toe September 2, 1997 The puppies and Spot cure racing greyhound Go-Go of his fear of bunnies after he loses a race, making Cruella realize what money can be made from the track before she tears it down.
15B Lucky All-Star September 2, 1997 Lucky feels that Tripod is taking his place as Roger's favorite when Roger chooses Tripod for a bone-digging contest.
16A Shake, Rattle, and Woof September 3, 1997 Cruella's latest scheme to steal the farm involves making Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, and Spot huge sensations, by showcasing their song talents on a television show.
16B Cadpig Behind Bars September 3, 1997 Cadpig persuades Lt. Pug that he has a feminine side, then ends up in the dog pound. Now, Lucky, Rolly, and Lt. Pug must get Cadpig out.
17A Leisure Lawsuit September 4, 1997 Cruella fakes an injury to try to mooch the Dearlys off their farm. However, Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig try to show Roger and Anita that she is faking before the lawsuit goes her way.
17B Purred It Through the Grapevine September 4, 1997 Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig, and Spot attempt to translate a signal in barking code, so they can show Lt. Pug that the signal is not an invasion warning.
18A Our Own Digs September 5, 1997 Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig search for a space of their own when the barn gets too crowded. Soon, they, along with Lt. Pug, find it. However, Lt. Pug decides to turn the space into his own military headquarters, pushing the pups out.
18B Goose Pimples (Goose Pamples) September 5, 1997 Lt. Pug takes the pups on night maneuvers and scares them with stories about Lockjaw, a fictional character. However, signs show that his story is not crazy after all.
19 Two Faces of Anita September 8, 1997 When Anita wins the Designer of the Year award, Cruella is determined to steal it, so she devises a plan which involves disguising herself as Anita.
20 The Fungus Among Us September 9, 1997 Cruella tries to steal a fungus from under the Dearlys' barn to make a perfume, even though it may mean the barn will have to be torn down.
21A Market Mayham September 10, 1997 When the Dearlys run out of dog food, Nanny drives into Grutely to buy a bag of Any-Mutt. The pups and Spot sneak aboard to try to persuade her to buy Kanine Krunchies.
21B Lucky to be Alone September 10, 1997 Lucky is fed up of being surrounded by puppies, so Pongo and Perdita arrange for him to visit his Aunt Coco and Uncle Beamer. However, the upclass attitude of his uncle and aunt along with the other dogs of the area causes Lucky to feel left out.
22 Four Stories Up September 11, 1997 While dealing with the Cruellathon interrupting Thunderbolt, the pups and Spot try to guess how it ends, including themselves into the story.
23A It's a Swamp Thing September 12, 1997 Swamp Rat steals the colonel's scarf, then Lucky disobeys the Colonel's orders not to enter Swamp Rat's swampy dwellings to get it back.
23B Roll Out the Pork Barrel September 12, 1997 Rolly, feeling fed up of the way the others treat him, becomes Ed Pig's protégé, causing his friends to become depressed.
24A Alive N' Chicken September 15, 1997 After overhearing Anita and Nanny talking, Spot believes she is going to die imminently. Cadpig takes this as an opportunity to teach her to live life to the fullest. This episode was banned after the September 11 attacks due to a scene of Spot crashing into a barn.
24B Prima Doggy September 15, 1997 Lucky gets chosen to be in Cecil B. DeVil's Kanine Krunchies commercial. This episode was also banned because it was too short to fill a 30-minute time slot.
25 You Say It's Your Birthday September 16, 1997 When the Dearlys plan a surprise party for the pups, Lucky believes they are being sold to Cruella, while Cruella suspects Anita to be moonlighting for her competition.
26A Oozy Does It September 17, 1997 Lucy gets mad at the pups and Spot for using her pond, Hiccup Hole. Soon after, Cruella begins dumping toxic materials into Hiccup Hole and the pups and Spot must save it.
26B Barnboozled September 17, 1997 Cruella has to spend 24 hours in the Dearlys' barn so she can claim the farm, which has legally belonged to her family since 1732. The pups try to push Cruella out of the farm before she takes it over.
27 Citizen Canine September 18, 1997 Lucky runs for mayor in the farm election after getting tired of Mayor Ed Pig abusing his power as mayor. However, when Ed Pig wins more votes, Lucky starts to lie to win the election.
28A Frisky Business September 22, 1997 The pups are determined to try out the new Kanine Krunchies recipe despite Spot's objections and steal Cruella's car, and Cruella attempts to frame Roger.
28B Cadet of the Month September 22, 1997 Lucky receives the coveted Cadet of the Month award by cheating, but ends up having to try to save Lt. Pug from being recycled.
29 Valentine Daze September 23, 1997 Lucky manages to lose the Valentine Roger made for Anita. When Cruella gets hold of it, she is determined to find out who it is from.
30A Close But No Cigar September 25, 1997 At the county fair, Cruella attempts to rig a sweepstakes to get herself to win with ticket #202, though Horace accidentally sold her ticket to Nanny. The pups, meanwhile, get left behind and must get to the fair to return Nanny her ticket.
30B Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers September 25, 1997 Spot stumbles across a chicken called Sal who believes the pups have been turned into aliens and she won't let Spot into the barn because she believes the 'aliens' will escape.
31A Smoke Detectors September 26, 1997 When Cruella's smoking in bed sets her house on fire, she moves in with the Dearlys until she can quit. The pups attempt to help.
31B Lobster Tale September 26, 1997 Cadpig hates her makeover from the groomer's and manages to rescue/steal a lobster from a tank while Nanny is ordering takeout and attempts to return him to the wild.
32A Double Dog Dare September 29, 1997 The pups dare Spot to sneak into Cruella's house and take off her mask without waking her up. However, when Rolly and Cadpig find out that Lucky has never been dared like that before, they make it his dare to help Spot.
32B Mooove It On Over September 29, 1997 Duchess and Princess argue over their personal space, so Cadpig attempts to fix the problem with a psychological viewpoint.
33 Shipwrecked October 1, 1997 The Dearlys and Cruella, attempting to get away from each other for a day, end up on the same cruise, then Lucky and Scorch fall overboard.
34 Mall Pups October 3, 1997 Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot sneak away from Bark Brigade class on reading maps to visit the Stifle Mall, and Lt. Pug pursues them to get them to return to the class.
35A Shrewzle Watch October 6, 1997 Cruella and a wildlife specialist look for a "tree shrewzle" as part of Cruella's latest scheme to get the Dearly's farm, which involves finding a tree shrewzle, forcing the Dearlys to sell the farm so it can be converted into a shrewzle sanctuary.
35B The Life You Save October 6, 1997 When Lucky accidentally pushes Dumpling, she believes he saved her life. She proceeds to see to it that he always gets what he wants.
36A Spots and Shots October 13, 1997 The vet shows up to vaccinate the pups. Lucky tries to hide instead. However, his hiding place happens to be Villa Devil, Cruella's dwelling.
36B On the Lamb October 13, 1997 Rolly, Cadpig, and Spot try to give Lucky some excitement when he claims Thunderbolt is his only excitement. A sheepdog then asks for the Bark Brigade to help retrieve a lamb, to which Lucky complains and Lt. Pug gets angry. The "lost sheep" turns out to be the Goliath-sized Lambo, who claims he will never go back to the flock.
37A Treasure of Swamp Island October 20, 1997 While Cruella tries to hide money from the government tax collector in the swamp, the pups follow a treasure map that leads to the loot.
37B Lord of the Termites October 20, 1997 After termites from the Dearlys' farmhouse destroy Cruella's wooden clothing line, she forces them to evacuate the farm.
38A Fountain of Youth October 30, 1997 Cruella desperately seeks something to make her young again. When the pipes on the Dearly Farm burst, Cruella believes it is the Fountain of Youth and orders Jasper and Horace to steal the water.
38B Walk a Mile in my Tracks October 30, 1997 Lt. Pug and Cornellia attempt to walk in each other's shoes by switching their roles, and they discover the other job is harder than they expected.
39 Cruella World October 31, 1997 Cruella creates a funfair based on the 14th century to cover her illegal oil drilling operation. Lucky then discovers her plan and attempts to warn everyone else, but no one believes him.
40A Hail to the Chief November 3, 1997 The pups dream of becoming chief fire dog while Cruella attempts to drive the Grutely Volunteer Fire Service out of business.
40B Food for Thought November 3, 1997 Rolly's desire for ice cream gets him captured by P.H. De Vil, who wants him to try out his new ice cream with helium inside. However, eventually the helium takes effect on Rolly.
41 The Maltese Chicken November 7, 1997 A parody of The Maltese Falcon with Spot in the title role as detective "Pullet Marlow." Her mom, Corneila, lays a giant egg, which Dumpling sees as a threat to her winning streak at the "best big farm thing contest." Meanwhile, Lucy, showing her hatred of decibels, gets framed for stealing the egg.
42A Film Fatale November 10, 1997 Lucky leads the pups and Spot to sneak into the Cruellaplex movie theater to see the newest Thunderbolt film without getting caught by Cruella.
42B My Fair Chicken November 10, 1997 Cornelia is determined that Spot will act like a chicken at the Silver Egg Social. The pups try to remind her how to be a chicken.
43A Snow Bounders November 11, 1997 The pups and Spot stow away on Roger and Pongo's snow camping trip. However, they later find themselves stuck in a blizzard with Cruella.
43B Gnaw or Never November 11, 1997 Rolly becomes obsessed with chewing shoes and Cruella seizes the opportunity to drive the Dearlys into the poor house.
44A Poison Ivy November 14, 1997 Ivy, Cruella's niece, helps her aunt in a scheme to buy the farm from the Dearlys by committing crimes and framing the puppies for it using her innocent-looking buggy pram.
44B Twelve Angry Pups November 14, 1997 Lt. Pug still believes that cats are attacking, and commandeers all the puppies' possessions as Spot resumes her detective habits, though the evidence quickly points to Mooch.
45 The Good-bye Chick November 17, 1997 Spot get sick of her mother's temper and grounding her from hanging out with the pups, so she runs away and eventually joins a circus that is run by Cruella.
46A Robo-Rolly November 20, 1997 When Cruella fires Anita, Ralphie St. Lowrent, Cruella's competition, hires her to work for him to come up with new ideas, which Cruella is determined to steal.
46B Splishing and Splashing November 20, 1997 The pups irritate Lucy and are banned from Hiccup Hole. They seek other pools, including Cruella's pool and a swamp.
47 Virtual Lucky November 21, 1997 Roger creates a new video game that Cruella and Lucky get sucked into. Now, Lucky must play against Cruella on all three levels and win, so he can escape from the computer. Things get worse when Rolly and Cadpig get sucked into the game as well.
48 Cupid Pups November 24, 1997 The pups try to make Baron Von Schnickerdoodle fall in love with Cruella, believing that if they marry, she will move away from them.
49A The Artist Formerly Known as Spot November 25, 1997 When Spot gets covered in paint and attempts to run it off, Cruella becomes convinced it is artwork and plans to make a fortune from it.
49B The Nose Knows November 25, 1997 Rolly's nose smells everything, and it becomes a problem, enough to where Lt. Pug wants to kick him out of the Bark Brigade.
50 K Is For Kibble January 5, 1998 When the Dearlys' supply of kibble is repeatedly stolen, Rolly gets the blame. Spot reprises her role as Pullet Marlow to track down the real thief.
51 Humanitarian of the Year January 12, 1998 Horace and Jasper try to get rid of a box of incriminating photos for Cruella so she can become Humanitarian of the Year.
52A Beauty Pageant Pandemonium January 16, 1998 Amber, Anita's niece, and Ivy, Cruella's niece, enter a beauty contest. Ivy forces Cruella to help her win. However, Amber has the pups on her side, causing her to win over Ivy.
52B Hog Tied January 16, 1998 Dumpling is bored, so she decides to join the pups' group despite the fact that they do not want her to, and she also causes them many problems.
53 Coup DeVil January 19, 1998 Cruella hosts a family reunion so she and her relatives can think up plans to steal the Dearly farm, but her bossy mother is angry at her the entire time.
54A Every Little Crooked Nanny January 30, 1998 Cruella thinks Anita is working for royal clients on the side, so she has Horace and Jasper take Nanny to a beauty parlor, while she acts as her replacement.
54B Cone Head January 30, 1998 Lucky cuts his head while doing a dare by Mooch. He has to wear a cone to prevent him from tearing at his stitches. Mooch and others constantly tease him.
55A Channels February 6, 1998 When the pups and Spot are watching Thunderbolt, they get interrupted by a news reporter who is videotaping Anita because she locked her car keys in. While Horace tries to get the keys, two escaped burglars appear and try to steal Cruella's car and money. Meanwhile, Captain, Princess, Duchess, and Lt. Pug fight over the TV while the pups try to catch the burglars.
55B Un-Lucky February 6, 1998 When Lucky's horseshoe spot pattern rubs off, he believes he has lost all his luck along with it. Meanwhile, Cruella tries to sabotage Roger's newest computer game.
56 The Making Of... February 9, 1998 The pups and the entire cast talk about the original concepts for 101 Dalmatians: The Series, such as filming experiences and character concepts for characters such as Patch and Penny.
57A Best of Show February 11, 1998 Irritated by Cruella's remarks about their dogs, Roger enters Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig in a dog show, with Spot as their trainer.
57B Walk on the Wild Side February 11, 1998 Rolly, fed up with being taken for a sucker by Mooch's gang, joins forces with Swamp Rat to get even, but becomes mean in the process.
58 Horace and Jasper's Big Career Move February 13, 1998 When Cruella fires Horace and Jasper for good, they visit the employment agency to look for a new job. Jasper has to keep covering for Horace's mistakes.
59 De Vil-Age Elder February 16, 1998 Roger, Anita and the pups stumble across a strange medieval town called De Vil Ville, which is under a curse and only appears every 100 years. The pups try to help the residents before the curse traps them inside the town.
60A Jurassic Bark February 20, 1998 Lucky and the others come across a prehistoric cave pup, frozen thousands of years ago and try to protect him from Cruella and P.H. De Vil.
60B My Fair Moochie February 20, 1998 Cadpig and Mooch fall in love, although Cadpig's only aim is to persuade him not to fight in a wrestling match against El Diablo. However, despite Cadpig's controlling of him, Mooch wants to fight and so Lucky, Rolly, and Spot help him get up to shape for the fight.
61A Dog Food Day Afternoon February 23, 1998 Cruella takes over the Kanine Krunchies brand of dog food and starts making it out of sawdust. Soon, however, Rolly discovers the plan and tries to stop it with the help of his friends.
61B Spot's Fairy God-Chicken February 23, 1998 Spot wishes she was a dog. Drumstick, her fairy god-chicken, shows up to grant her wish. Soon, however, Spot gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that being a dog has many disadvantages.
62A Good Neighbor Cruella February 27, 1998 P.H. De Vil splits Cruella into her two major personality components: good and evil. Cruella unleashes her good side on the Dearlys.
62B Animal House Party February 27, 1998 While Pongo, Perdita, and the humans are away, Cadpig discovers she has PDS, and Swamp Rat takes over the house for his party. The pups, with Lt. Pug, try to drive him out.
63 Dalmatian Vacation, Part 1 — Road Warriors March 2, 1998 The Dearly family, plus the 101 Dalmatians, go on a second honeymoon. Unfortunately, Cruella tags along, threatening to fire Anita if she did not allow her to join. Worse, the Dearlys learn that they are not legally married, because their minister was a conman.
64 Dalmatian Vacation, Part 2 — Cross-Country Calamity March 3, 1998 Cruella does all she can to prevent the Dearlys from getting married, knowing that she will automatically get their farm if they fail to do so.
65 Dalmatian Vacation, Part 3 — Dearly Beloved March 4, 1998 The pups try their best to help Roger find Anita, who is held captive by alien cultists who refuse to let her leave until their "Shaggy-Green Messenger" comes for them.


Not much merchandise has been made of this series unlike other Disney series, the only ones being:

Continuity issues

The series does not take place in the same continuity as the movies; an example of which being the fact that everyone in the series (except Cruella) has American accents while the movie is set in London and its surroundings. The original animated movie is set in the early 1960s, while the live-action films and the series are set in a modern-day world (1996 at the time). It is also notable that the movie is more realistic, while the series is very cartoon-like. The series comes closer to the essence of Dodie Smith's book than the movies and is based on everything 101 Dalmatians-related (Cadpig is one character that is not characterized in the movies). Therefore, all three media can be considered canon, even though they are not in the same continuity. Also, Roger and Anita the dog owners' last name is to "Dearly", just like in the original novel and 1996 film.


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