Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie
Developer(s) Idol Minds
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Director(s) John Hight
Allan Becker
Jon Steele
Producer(s) Jacob R. Buchert III
Doug Dohring
Lee Borth
Designer(s) R. Scott Campbell
George Weising
Bo Kinloch
Programmer(s) Jim Mooney
Artist(s) Peter Walters
Andy Meier
Shaddy Safadi
Composer(s) Jack Wall
Keith Leary
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
  • NA: November 16, 2005
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single player

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is an action-adventure game in the Neopets franchise, developed by Idol Minds and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 in 2005.


Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is set in "Neopia", the land of the Neopets universe, which is inhabited by anthropomorphic versions of various Neopets species. The adventure is based on a story written by Neopets founder Adam Powell.[1]

Long ago, a dark faerie was imprisoned at the bottom of the Maraquan sea as punishment for attempting to take over the realm, her name having been erased from history and the faerie remembered only as 'the Darkest Faerie'. However, after a thousand years, the spell imprisoning the Darkest Faerie has become weak and breaks, and the faerie escapes, returning to the surface intent on taking over the realm of Neopia and exacting revenge upon the Faerie queen Fyora who imprisoned her.

The game begins with Tormund Ellis (nicknamed "Tor"), a young Lupe farm boy who has long dreamed of being a knight in the city of Meridell. After being accepted into the ranks and training under the discipline of the castle's master-at-arms, Torak, Tormund is knighted after saving the village of Cogham from The Ixi Raiders. But when answering a plea to defend the nearby forest glade of Illusen, the earth faerie, from an invading tribe of Werelupes, the mission fails, and Tormund returns to Meridell to discover both it and its inhabitants under a cloud of dark magic and the control of the Darkest Faerie. Though unaffected himself, he is driven out of the castle and city by the faerie's minions.

The neighboring kingdom of Brightvale notices the dark clouds, and sends a diplomatic envoy to the city of Faerieland, home to the Faerie queen Fyora, to investigate. A young Acara, Roberta, the niece of Brightvale King Hagan, is among the diplomats. The Darkest Faerie attacks Faerieland that night, capturing and binding the Faerie queen and covering the castle in a dark aura. Roberta is able to escape the castle but is pursued and falls to the countryside of Neopia below.

Roberta and Tormund meet each other and then proceed to warn the king of Brightvale about the Faerie. It is revealed that both were given amulets to protect against the Darkest Faerie's power, and upon research discover that the Darkest Faerie was once sealed away by the power of Fyora's magical rod, now lying deep underneath the city of Meridell. After freeing the neighboring regions from control of dark magic, they are able to infiltrate the castle of Meridell and find a way deep underground, recovering Fyora's ancient rod. With its power they are able to drive the darkness out of the city, and then return to Faerieland to stop the Darkest Faerie. It is a trap, however, as the Darkest Faerie seizes the rod and a fight between the two Faeries ensues. Fyora is able to teleport Tormund and Roberta to safety before being captured and imprisoned again.

It is learned that Tormund and Roberta have been transported out of time itself into a legendary city called "Altador", allegedly destroyed by the Darkest Faerie a millennium ago. There they set out to free the city's four greatest founders, each of which is revealed to have helped them in some way earlier, before freeing an Aisha known as Jerdana, who fashions them a magical amulet capable of sealing away the Darkest Faerie. Tormund and Roberta together are teleported back to Faerieland, and do battle against the Darkest Faerie, who has used Fyora's Rod to cause Faerieland to fall towards the surface of Neopia right above Meridell. They ultimately seal her with Jerdana's amulet, turning the Faerie to stone once again, and freeing the Faerie queen Fyora in the process. Fyora uses her powers and manages to stop Faerieland from crashing into Meridell at the last second. They are given thanks by the faerie queen and founders of Altador, and the Darkest Faerie's frozen form is kept in the kingdom of Faerieland where it can be monitored.


In the game, only Roberta can use magic attacks, but each of them has the power to use specials, or motes. When used in a powerup attack, they unveil special effects ranging from poisoning the enemies to creating a beam of light. Magic power does become weaker as more magic is used. However, Purple Juppies, and other fruits/potions, replenish your migicka bar when they're eaten/used.

In Neopia, there are many motes that assist Tor and Roberta in their fight to bring light to the shadows. These motes can be equipped to Tor and Roberta's weapons, shields, and armor. The motes throughout Neopia include; Light, Sun, Fog, Wind, Fire, Lava, Nova, Supernova, Dark, Shadow, Leaf, Rock, Bubble, and Water

Players can feed a petpet so that he can follow them. When fed, it will follow the character for a certain time depending on food type that it was fed and its inherent species. It will give a range of special effects: seeing the invisible/health restore/etc. After feeding the petpet the same kind of food for too long, it will not accept it.



Aggregate score
Review scores
OPM (US)[6]

The game received "mixed" reviews according to the review aggregator website Metacritic.[2]

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