McDull: The Pork of Music

McDull: The Pork of Music
Traditional 麥兜 · 噹噹伴我心
Simplified 麦兜 · 当当伴我心
Mandarin màidōu· dāng dāng bàn wǒ xīn
Directed by Brian Tse
Produced by Yu Jie
Samuel Choy
He Zhikai
Screenplay by Brian Tse
Alice Mak
Story by Brian Tse
Music by Ng Cheuk-yin
Shanghai Toonmax Media
Sunwah Media
Well Talent Hong Hong
Distributed by Eastern Mordor
Pearl River Film Media
Shanghai Toonmax Media
Sunwah Media
Release dates
  • 10 July 2012 (2012-07-10)
Running time
79 minutes
Country China
Hong Kong
Language Mandarin
Box office ¥49.2 million (China)

McDull: The Pork of Music is a 2012 Hong Kong animated comedy film written and directed by Brian Tse[1][2] and featuring the voices of Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng, The Pancakes, Ronald Cheng and Michael Zhang.[3] It was officially released in cinemas on 10 July 2012, in China.[4]


The film earned ¥49.2 million at the Chinese box office.[5]

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