Osaka, Kansai region
Branding MBS TV
Slogan Liyon Channel (The Lion Channel) (らいよんチャンネル raiyon chaneru)
Channels Digital: 16 (UHF, 2003-, Virtual: 4)
Virtual: 4 (041)
Subchannels 042, 043
Affiliations Japan News Network (JNN)
Owner Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
Founded December 27, 1950
First air date March 1, 1959
Former callsigns Analog
JOOR-TV (1959-2011)
Former channel number(s) Analog
4 (VHF, 1959-2011)
Former affiliations All-Nippon News Network (ANN) (19591975)
Transmitter power 25 kW
Transmitter coordinates 34°40′41.80″N 135°40′41″E / 34.6782778°N 135.67806°E / 34.6782778; 135.67806 (MBS Ikoma Analog TV Transmitter) (analog)
34°40′38.01″N 135°40′44.27″E / 34.6772250°N 135.6789639°E / 34.6772250; 135.6789639 (MBS Ikoma Digital TV Transmitter) (digital)
Licensing authority MIC
Website www.mbs.jp (Japanese)

MBS TV (MBSテレビ Emubīesu Terebī) is a regional television channel based in Osaka, Japan, and serving the Kansai region. It is wholly owned by Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

The channel's call sign is JOOR-DTV (Osaka's 16th physical channel), its remote controller ID (button) is 4.

It is a member station of Japan News Network.


See Mainichi Broadcasting System#History of MBS.



Analog broadcasting ceased in 2011.



Programs (Times in JST)


  • MBS News (MBSニュース)
  • VOICE - Weekday news program in the Kansai region
  • Chichin Puipui (ちちんぷいぷい) - only on MBS from 14:55 until 17:45 on weekdays
  • Shittoko! (知っとこ!) - nationalcast from 8:00 until 9:25 on Saturdays
  • Seyanen! (せやねん!) - only on MBS from 9:25 until 12:54 on Saturdays
Food and variety
  • Maki's Magic Restaurant (水野真紀の魔法のレストラン) - on MBS from 18:55 on Mondays
Nationalcast variety
  • Scoop by Japanese Wives in the World (世界の日本人妻は見た!) - nationalcast from 19:56 on Tuesdays
  • Pressure Battle (使える芸能人は誰だ!?プレッシャーバトル) - nationalcast from 19:00 on Thursdays
  • En-Pare (エンパレ) - nationalcast from 22:00 on Sundays
  • Past program
Midnight variety
  • Akashiya TV (痛快!明石家電視台) - on MBS from 23:58 on Mondays
  • Gobugobu (ごぶごぶ) - on MBS from 23:58 on Tuesdays
  • Rokemitsu -the World- (3 On-Location Travels, ロケみつ ザ・ワールド) - on MBS, BSN, BSS, KUTV and RKK from 23:58 on Thursdays, also on CBC, RSK, OBS, ITV, TBS and UTY on different days
  • Jonetsu-Tairiku (情熱大陸) - nationalcast from 23:00 on Sundays, presented by Asahi Breweries and Mazda
  • Video Documentary Kanasi (映像) - only on MBS in midnight on the 3rd Sunday every month (from 24:50)
Dramas produced by MBS
  • Dorama 30 (- September 2008)
    • Inochino Gembakara (いのちの現場からシリーズ)
    • Ya, Ku, So, Ku (ヤ・ク・ソ・ク)
    • Designer (デザイナー)
    • The Daughter at the Public Sento!? (銭湯の娘!?)
    • Gakincho~Return Kids~ (がきんちょ ~リターン・キッズ~), etc.
  • Hirudora (November 2008 - March 2009)
    • Panda is coming to town (パンダが町にやってくる)
    • Ochaberi (おちゃべり)
  • Friday midnight drama (2009-2010)
  • Thursday midnight drama 1 (2010-2011)
    • Akechi the Third (三代目明智小五郎〜今日も明智が殺される〜)
    • Dohyo Girl! (土俵ガール!)
    • Ushijima the Loan Shark (闇金ウシジマくん)
    • Quartet (カルテット)
  • Saturday midnight drama (2011)
  • Thursday midnight drama 2 (2011-)
    • Shinya Shokudō 2 (深夜食堂2)
    • Kazoku Hakkei - Nanase, Telepathy Girl's Ballad (家族八景 Nanase, Telepathy Girl's Ballad)
    • Kids Police (コドモ警察)
  • Special
    • Sen no Rikyu (千利休) (1990) - 40th anniversary
    • Message -The Commercial Message Director Toshi Sugiyama- (メッセージ〜伝説のCMディレクター・杉山登志〜) (2005) - 55th anniversary, presented by Shiseido
    • Toilet no Kamisama (トイレの神様) (2011) - 60th anniversary, mainly presented by INAX
    • Hanayome no Chichi (花嫁の父, lit. "Bride's father") (2012) - 60th anniversary
    • RUN60 (2012) (Wednesdays 26:30 JST (02:30 AM) to 27:00 JST (03:00 AM)) - Produced and presented by Universal Music Japan, based on the short film of the same title[1]

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