List of United States Marine Corps individual equipment

This is a list of individual combat equipment issued by the United States Marine Corps. This list does not include items that are issued as uniforms or weapons and ordnance.

Many items on this list have nicknames. See list of United States Marine Corps acronyms and expressions.


Components of a Modular Tactical Vest, including E-SAPI plates
Ballistic vests
Combat helmets
Marine wears a M50 mask
Other armor
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense

Load-bearing & packs



Commandant Hagee wearing an APECS parka in woodland MARPAT
Cold weather clothing
1974-vintage flight helmet and jacket


Entrenching tool
Old and new flashlights

Historical items

Gulf War-era armor

The following items are obsolete and no longer issued:

Load-bearing equipment


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  2. FSBE
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  20. Deployment Bag
  21. Marine Corps Stuff Sack (MACS Sack)
  22. Waterproofing Bag Inserts (WPI)
  23. Gunslinger
  24. APECS
  25. LWE Suit
  26. Combat Desert Jacket
  27. Extreme Cold Weather suit
  28. Snow Camouflage Uniform
  29. Underwear, Next-to-skin, Cold Weather
  30. Flame Resistant (FR) Silkweight Underwear, Next-to-skin, Cold Weather
  31. Grid Fleece
  32. Flame Resistant (FR), Grid Fleece Underwear, Mid-Weight, Cold Weather
  33. Cap, Hardface, MicroFleece, Cold Weather
  34. RAT Boot
  35. Mountain/Cold Weather Boot
  36. Fire Fighter Ensemble
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  45. Handheld Flashlight
  46. Martial Arts Kit
  47. Mechanical Breacher's Kit
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