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SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
PilotJanuary 10, 2009 (2009-01-10)
112November 8, 2012 (2012-11-08)July 18, 2013 (2013-07-18)
212October 17, 2013 (2013-10-17)June 12, 2014 (2014-06-12)
36January 10, 2017 (2017-01-10)TBA
Minisodes5August 8, 2013 (2013-08-08)September 13, 2013 (2013-09-13)

Pilot (2009)

Number in Series Title Directed by Written by Date published Production code
0"The Bravest Warriors"Randy Myers & Pendleton WardPendleton WardJanuary 10, 2009 (2009-01-10)N/A
Chris, Beth, Wallow, and Danny save the brain dogs from the tickle monster.

Season 1 (2012–2013)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed and written by Storyboarded by Date published[1] Production code
11"Time Slime"Breehn BurnsTom KingNovember 8, 2012 (2012-11-08)BW101
The Bravest Warriors, in place of their parents the Courageous Battlers, assist Supreme Chancellor Gayle from the Moon of Glendale when Professor Fartsparkles' Fartsparkles Time Generator causes a Fartsparkles Effect, trapping the Bravest Warriors and all of the Moon of Glendale in an overlapping time loop.
22"Emotion Lord"Breehn BurnsKris WimberlyNovember 15, 2012 (2012-11-15)BW102
After a mission on the planet Zgraxxis, the Bravest Warriors wonder about the strange turn of events, leaving Danny with Zgraxxis Fever and Beth with a tail. However, all attempts to save Danny's life are disrupted by an omnipotent being known as an Emotion Lord.
33"Butter Lettuce"Breehn BurnsBrett VaronNovember 29, 2012 (2012-11-29)BW103
Chris plays a video game in the Holo-John, eventually joined by Wallow and Danny, and after winning, has problems with the Beth hologram Danny has programmed to be 30% more sexier, particularly after Beth walks in on them all.
44"Memory Donk"Breehn BurnsTom KingDecember 6, 2012 (2012-12-06)BW104
While on a bus the Bravest Warriors have lost all of their memories, as do all of the other passengers and the driver who ejects himself. The gang must figure out how to stop the bus before it crashes into the Mars Convention Center, all while dealing with the memory stealing Memory Donk.
55"The Bunless"Breehn BurnsBob BoyleDecember 13, 2012 (2012-12-13)BW105
If two extradimensional beings do not fall back in love with each other again, the people of Bunless 9 will suffer through 100 years of war and darkness. To this end, Wallow hosts a dance mixer, and has Chris and Beth use their butts to host the two beings.
66"Lavarinth"Breehn BurnsJames BurksDecember 20, 2012 (2012-12-20)BW106
While the Bravest Warriors try to destroy the hive of the firebugs, the Emotion Lord returns with a surprising fact: that he is Chris from nearly 180 years in the future.
77"Gas Powered Stick"Breehn BurnsCarlos RamosJanuary 10, 2013 (2013-01-10)BW107
Beth's merewif friend Plum drops by for a visit, and Danny and Wallow do their best to try to impress her. Meanwhile, the Emotion Lord gives Impossibear a gas-powered stick that never runs out of gas.
88"Dan Before Time"Breehn BurnsKris WimberlyJanuary 24, 2013 (2013-01-24)BW108
Danny invents a time machine so he can go back in time to seek revenge on the Low Gravity Hacker Pack who made his childhood horrible after they hacked him so he would barf at the press of a button.
99"Cereal Master"Breehn BurnsJeanette Moreno KingFebruary 7, 2013 (2013-02-07)BW110
Danny accompanies Chris to get Beth a bowl of Moon Frosted Double Dolphin Smax for their ten-year jinx-aversary. But the Cereal Master's refusal to add Beth's favorite ingredient causes Chris's latent Emotion Lord powers to surface, spurring an interplanetary chase to make sure Beth gets her cereal and so Chris does not tell on the Cereal Master's father.
1010"Ultra Wankershim"Breehn BurnsJames BurksFebruary 21, 2013 (2013-02-21)BW111
Wankershim leaves the Holo-John as a flesh and blood creature, but he soon grows to gigantic proportions. The Bravest Warriors try to figure out what to do when the Emotion Lord shows up for the Dawning of Wankershim to tell the Bravest Warriors that "it's always been Wankershim" and to help Chris awaken his Emotion Lord powers, without causing a tear in the Space-Time Calliope that may result in a Temporal Pair-of-Socks.
1111"Catbug"Breehn BurnsTom KingMarch 7, 2013 (2013-03-07)BW112
The Bravest Warriors discover that Catbug can travel to and from the See-Through Zone and he has been returning with gifts from their parents, except Beth's father. However, the gifts seem to be covered in a strange virus that mutates into a door, leaving them with one final message: "Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips is the key".
12Lost Episode"Sugarbellies"Breehn BurnsRayfield AngrumJuly 18, 2013 (2013-07-18)BW109
The Bravest Warriors come to the assistance of the Sugarbelly aliens whose planets have gone out of a particular alignment and causes all in the area to no longer be able to speak clearly. Danny must plug a power cord into a crystalline planet, Wallow must figure out how to turn on two power switches while avoiding a set of robotic guard dogs, Chris must figure out the right tune to play on an organ the Sugarbellies will sing, and Beth must prove herself to the Sugarbellies otherwise no one will be able to speak again.

Minisodes (2013)

No. in
Title Directed by Written and storyboarded by Date published[2]
1"Moo-Phobia"Breehn BurnsNiki YangAugust 8, 2013 (2013-08-08)
Chris's fear of cows keeps him from joining the others on a mission.
2"DramaBug"Breehn BurnsTyler ChenAugust 15, 2013 (2013-08-15)
Catbug plays with his toys with soap opera-worthy drama.
3"Browser Fail"Breehn BurnsRyan PequinAugust 22, 2013 (2013-08-22)
Danny wakes up to realize his eyebrows have been shaved off in his sleep.
4"Impossibomb"Breehn BurnsTyler ChenSeptember 6, 2013 (2013-09-06)
Impossibear shows up with a present for Wallow, not knowing that it is actually a bomb.
5"Terrabeth Bytes"Breehn BurnsParker SimmonsSeptember 13, 2013 (2013-09-13)
Beth sumo wrestles with Wallow.

Season 2 (2013–2014)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Date published[3] Production code
131"Aeon Worm"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonOctober 17, 2013 (2013-10-17)BW201
Beth and her horse find their way into the See-Through Zone where Beth decides to save her father (Bill Mumy), who has since become known as "Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips" in his service to the evil Aeon Worm.
142"RoboChris"Breehn BurnsRyan NorthOctober 31, 2013 (2013-10-31)BW202
Danny creates a robotic Chris duplicate to be his new best friend in an attempt to make the real Chris jealous.
153"Mexican Touchdown"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonNovember 14, 2013 (2013-11-14)BW203
Plum and Danny go on a mission together. Danny confesses his love for Plum, but Plum does not reciprocate.
164"Hamster Priest"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonDecember 5, 2013 (2013-12-05)BW204
Beth begins to experience strange changes around her which are all tied to a device her father smuggled back with him from the See-Through Zone.
175"Jelly Kid Forever"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonDecember 19, 2013 (2013-12-19)BW205
Catbug kills Jelly Kid, and Danny doesn't take it well.
186"The Puppetyville Horror"Breehn BurnsJhonen VasquezJanuary 23, 2014 (2014-01-23)BW206
The Bravest Warriors make a stop on a strange yellow moon due to some toilet problems and soon after they begin to disappear one by one.
197"Catbug's Away Team"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonFebruary 6, 2014 (2014-02-06)BW207
With an alien race in trouble from Wankershim, the Bravest Warriors have Catbug form an away team to teach him responsibility while they work to save the aliens.
208"Merewif Tag"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonFebruary 20, 2014 (2014-02-20)BW208
Chris and Plum switch bodies for fun, or so it seems. A kiss ends up fracturing someone's timeline.
219"The Dimension Garden"Breehn BurnsNoelle Stevenson, Breehn Burns & Jason JohnsonMarch 6, 2014 (2014-03-06)BW209
A mysterious worm invades the Invisible hideout.
2210"The Parasox Pub"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonMay 22, 2014 (2014-05-22)BW210
With the help of his future selves, Chris sets out to change his destiny.
2311"Season of the Worm"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonJune 5, 2014 (2014-06-05)BW211
The Bravest Warriors follow Hamster Mitch in an effort to track down Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips.
2412"Season of the Mitch"Breehn BurnsBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonJune 12, 2014 (2014-06-12)BW212
Beth takes down Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips. Meanwhile, Mitch decides his destiny.

Season 3 (2017)

Starting on January 10, 2017, Season 3 Episodes of Bravest Warriors will be released on VRV, an on-demand service from Crunchyroll.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Date published Production code
251"Dan of Future Past"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonJanuary 10, 2017[4]BW301
Chris is sent back in time with young Danny.
262"Chris and Beth"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonTBABW302
Chris only has one chance left to get a shot with Beth.
273"Ghosts of the See-Through Zone"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonTBABW303
The Bravest Warriors face an even bigger threat from the see-through zone.
284"Fast Times at Saturn Oaks"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonTBABW304
295"Everything Is Okay"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonTBABW305
Chris is hiding something from the others.
306"Emotion Fjord"Tom KingBreehn Burns & Jason JohnsonTBABW306
The Emotion Lord is back...sort of?


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