Origin Zagreb, Croatia
Genres Pop Punk, Pop Rock
Years active 2008 (2008)–present
Labels Aquarius Records
Members Luka Tomas
Mario Mlakar
Damjan Spajic
Goran Rusmir

KinoKlub is a Croatian pop/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia. The band consists of Luka Tomas (Vocals), Damjan Spajić (Guitar/Vocals), Goran Rusmir (Bass guitar) and Mario Mlakar (Drums). Ex-members: Tomislav Franjo Šušak (Bass guitar) and Dinko Sinovčić (Drums).Their debut album "Ajmo Klinci" was released on April 30 2010.[1] The band is signed to Aquarius Records,[2] and is from Zagreb, Croatia.[3] The band has released three singles to date, all charting high in the Croatian music charts, the regional MTV Adria music channel[4] and the Croatian news portal Index.[5] Their first video for the song "Za nju" has reached over two million hits on YouTube.[6] Their third single, "Nije bed, imamo 20min pjeske" was also chosen as the theme song for the startup of the Croatian TV channel RTL 2.[7] The band has shared the stage with Sum 41 and The Get Up Kids and played at some of the largest festivals in the region, including EXIT in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2011. In 2014. they released EP called "Henganje EP" with six new songs, including "Slatka tajna, a nije slatkis", "Druge zene" and "Oh ne, Langolijeri!".

Awards and nominations

In 2011, KinoKlub received a Porin, the prestigious Croatian music award, in the category 'Best New Artist'.[8] They were also nominated in the categories 'Hit of the Year' and 'Rock Album of the Year'.[9]



Name Time
Za Nju 3.39 video
Vrati se u Zagreb 4.41 video
Nije bed, imamo 20 minuta pjeske 4.25 video
Nesto 3.11
Idemo Dalje 3.08
Druge zene 3.14
Oh ne, Langolijeri! 2.56
Slatka tajna, a nije slatkis 3.24


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