MTV Adria

MTV (Adria)
Launched September 1, 2005
Owned by Viacom International Media Networks Europe
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Replaced MTV Europe

MTV Adria is a localized version of the music and entertainment channel MTV Europe, customized for the Balkan countries that used to be constituent parts of Yugoslavia. It serves the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

History of MTV Adria



Ever since its launch, MTV Adria has carried a much higher amount of music programming in its schedule compared to most of its sister channels across Europe, preserving MTV Europe's original format. The channel's schedule also includes some locally produced content and a number of non-music productions sourced from MTV US, MTV Networks Europe and MTV Networks International.

Music programming

A wide spectrum of musical genres is covered through a large number of specialist music shows and videographies airing on a daily or weekly basis. At present, music video-based shows airing regularly on the channel include:

International music initiatives & programming

Local productions

Most local productions so far have been music-focused.

Entertainment / International programming

The channel currently carries the following international acquisitions in its schedule:

VJs & Hosts

Throughout its first years on air, MTV Adria used to produce a large number of VJ-led music shows, which were eventually discontinued in 2008, as the VJ concept began to be gradually phased out of MTV Networks International's global strategy. At present, occasional hosted shows are still being produced locally, although regular VJ-based shows are no longer scheduled on the channel. Local VJs and hosts who have appeared on MTV Adria over the years include:


MTV Europe Music Awards: Best Adria Act

Local performers who appear on MTV are eligible to receive the Best Adria Act award at the annual MTV Europe Music Awards. So far, the winners have been:

MTV Download

Since 1 January 2011 MTV Adria introduced MTV Download section on all 3 MTV web sites in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. With idea of helping striving music business in the region this free download platform helped regional musicians to publish their music and get needed promotion. First official MTV release was album of Serbian band S.A.R.S. which had 45000 downloads in 3 months. So far MTV published over 60 albums and singles.

List of album releases available on MTV Adria websites as free download:


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