Keep On Running (The Green Green Grass)

"Keep On Running"
The Green Green Grass episode

Boycie and Denzil
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Tony Dow
Written by John Sullivan
Produced by Gareth Gwenlan
Editing by Chris Wadsworth
Production code 1:1 (1)
Original air date 9 September 2005
Running time 30 minutes
Guest appearance(s)

Paul Barber

Episode chronology

"Keep On Running" is an episode of the BBC sitcom The Green Green Grass. It was first screened on 9 September 2005, as the first episode of series one.[1]


Boycie begins a normal day of neglecting his wife, ignoring his son and taking the dog for a walk in a taxi but all is to change. Upon the arrival of friend Denzil, Boycie soon finds out that the Driscoll Brothers are looking for him as they had found out that he was the supergrass who got them put away. Whilst Marlene is at a health spa and Tyler is abroad, he sells the showroom and his house and awaits their return – then its off to Shropshire.

Upon arriving in Oakham, Shropshire, Boycie, Marlene and Tyler get lost and cannot find Winterdown Farm. They stop off at a local pub only to find the tradition of Morris dancing still exists in the country. They soon find the farm and begin to settle in until a knock at the door frightens them. It turns out to be Elgin, the farms very own manager. After several disturbing revelations during their conversation with him they decide to retire only... what did happen in that bedroom?


Actor Role
John Challis Boycie
Sue Holderness Marlene
Jack Doolan Tyler
David Ross Elgin
Paul Barber Denzil
Robert Putt Publican



This episode was written by John Sullivan, writer of Only Fools and Horses. The whole of the first series was written entirely by John Sullivan.


The idea for The Green Green Grass came from John Challis’s real-life situation. John Sullivan, writer of Only Fools and Horses saw how John’s life had changed since he and Carol had moved some ten years ago. He decided after watching the episode Little Problems of Only Fools and Horses where Boycie of obviously terrified of the Driscoll Brothers to have him grass them up and do a runner when they are released. The prequel idea, Once Upon a Time in Peckham was put on hold until the project got onto its feet.

The episode "Keep on Running" was designed to get Boycie, Marlene and Tyler to Shropshire as quick as possible but to explain why they are moving there. The series has more of a story arc than most other comedy series. Episodes such as "Keep on Running" and "A Rocky Start" are linked closely whilst other comedy series have individual episodes. However, the show has adopted the individual episode structure since the episode "The Country Wife". The Driscoll Brothers story arc ran through the series until the episode "Brothers and Sisters".[2]



Filming for the first series of The Green Green Grass started in June 2005. The series was ready for broadcast by the end of August 2005. Only Fools and Horses regular, Paul Barber was involved in the first episode in a small guest appearance and was the only original cast member to make an appearance. However, Roy Heather has made a cameo as Sid and Roy Marsden and Christopher Ryan have made three appearances as the Driscoll Brothers. With Roy Heather’s appearance, the set of The Nag’s Head was used.

Broadcast and reception

During its original airing, the episode had a viewing audience of 8.88 million, in the 8:30pm timeslot it was shown. It is the highest viewing figure the show has received to date however it is lower than the 15.5 million that the last ever episode of Only Fools and Horses drew in.

This episode has since been re-run on BBC1, BBC HD and GOLD. The show received one of the highest ratings of the week making it into the top ten.

DVD release

The UK DVD release was released on 23 October 2006.[3] The release includes the 2005 Christmas Special, a short special entitled 'Grass Roots' and a short documentary on 'Rocky'.



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