Joséphine, ange gardien

Joséphine, ange gardien
Created by Laurent Chouchan
Philippe Niang
Michel Lengliney
Starring Mimie Mathy
Country of origin  France
No. of episodes 81
Running time 90 minutes
Original network TF1 (France)
La Une / RTBF (Belgium)
RTS Un (Switzerland)
Séries+ (Canada)
TV3 (Spain)
La7 (Italy)
STB (Ukraine)
Aspara (Cambodia)
PAD (Vietnam)
Nowa TV (Poland)
Original release December 15, 1997 - present

Joséphine, ange gardien is a French television series. It has been distributed since 1997 on TF1 (France).


Joséphine Delamarre is a guardian angel that Heaven sends to earth. With her psychological insight, ability of persuasion and her magical powers, she manages to help people who have problems. She appears at the beginning of each mission; when the mission is completed, she disappears by snapping her fingers.


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Mimie Mathy received three times the 7 d'Or for Best Actress in a Fiction, in 1998, 2000 and 2003. In 2003, the series also received a 7 d'Or for Best TV Series.


The series achieves excellent ratings at each broadcast, coming almost all the time at the top, either in case of new episodes or reruns, averaging between 5 and 11 millions of viewers.

The first episode "Le miroir aux enfants" was followed by 6,980,000 viewers for a ratings share of 28,4%. The second episode "L'enfant oublié" was followed by 7,450,000 viewers (29,1%) and the third episode, "Le tableau noir", by 8,220,000 viewers (31,5%). The episode "Une famille pour Noël" (2000) gathered 7,820,000 viewers and it's the second to reach 30% of the audience. In 2002, the episode "Nadia" was followed by 7,890,000 (30,2%).

The first record rating was achieved on January 20, 2003 with the episode "Le stagiaire", followed by 9,470,000 viewers, for an impressive 38,4% ratings.

"Le compteur à zéro" (2003) is the fifth episode to have more than 30% of audiences, with 8,880,000 of viewers (33,6%). "Belle à tout prix" (2003) reached also the 30% with 9,030,000 of viewers (34,7%).

The episode "Sens dessus dessous" (2003) break the record with 9,850,000 of viewers and 39,2% of the ratings. But this record would be broken again by the first episode broadcast in 2004, "Un frère pour Ben", who was watched by 10,120,000 (40,3%).

"Tous en chœur" (2004) gathered 8,390,000 viewers for 30,4% of the ratings.

"Enfin des vacances!" (2004) is the tenth episode bringing together more than 30% of the rating, with 8,940,000 viewers (32,2%). Then, "Sauver Princesse" (2004) was watched by 9,970,000 viewers (39,4%). "Robe noire pour un ange" (2005) was watched by 7,990,000 viewers (30,0%). "Trouvez-moi le prince charmant!" (2005) was watched by 8,800,000 viewers (31,4%). "La couleur de l'amour" (2006) was watched by 8,070,000 viewers (30,8%). "De toute urgence!" (2006) was watched by 7,840,000 viewers (30,1%). "Un passé pour l'avenir" (2006) was watched by 8,845,000 viewers (34,7%). "Coupée du monde" (2006) was watched by 8,340,000 viewers (32,0%). "Les braves" (2009) was watched by 8,127,000 viewers (31,7%).[1] "Joséphine fait de la résistance" (2010) was watched by 8,478,000 viewers (32,6%). "Ennemis jurés" (2010) is the twentieth episode bringing together more than 30% of the audience, with 7,846,000 viewers (31%). "Chasse aux fantômes" (2010) was watched by 8,269,000 viewers (31,1%). "Un bébé tombé du ciel" (2011) was watched by 8,182,000 viewers (31,3%).


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