Jade Goddess of Mercy

Jade Goddess of Mercy
Directed by Ann Hui
Produced by Li Bolun
Yang Buting
Written by Ivy Ho
Hai Yan
Starring Zhao Wei
Nicholas Tse
Liu Yunlong
Chen Jianbin
Release dates
  • 25 December 2003 (2003-12-25) (China)
  • 15 April 2004 (2004-04-15) (Hong Kong)
Running time
110 minutes
Country China
Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Jade Goddess of Mercy or Goddess of Mercy (Chinese: 玉觀音; pinyin: Yù Guān Yīn) is a 2003 film directed by Ann Hui, starring Zhao Wei and Nicholas Tse.

It was adapted from a novel from Chinese writer Hai Yan. The title comes from a necklace featuring Kuan Yin, the "Goddess of Mercy".

In 2003 Hai Yan also produced a TV serial based on his novel, starring Sun Li.


Yang Rui is a handsome Beijing executive who is bored with his easy life and numerous female conquests. He is having an affair with his female boss, and in general seems to despise women and relationships. He hears about a woman named He Yanhong who is from out of town, beautiful but mysterious and quite reclusive. He soon falls in love with her, despite the fact that she rejects his advances and appears to have few friends. When she kicks him in the head after coming on too strongly, she shows some regret and compassion, nursing him back to health and they develop a friendship. He Yanhong tells him her nickname is An Xin ("peace" in English). Unfortunately, Yang Rui's scorned female boss becomes jealous, reveals she has been spying on the young couple, arranges for He Yanhong to lose her job, reveals that she has a child, and then frames him for accepting an illegal kickback that briefly sends Yang Rui to prison.

He Yanhong arranges for a lawyer to free Yang Rui from prison, and he tracks her down, discovering that her real name is actually An Xin, and that she moved to Beijing to escape a disastrous love triangle that led to her former husband's death and threatens both her life and that of her child, Xiong. In revealing herself to Yang Rui, he learns the following:

An Xin was an up-and-coming police officer in Yunnan Province of southern China, engaged to a journalist named Tiejun who also has a promising career. Before the date of their marriage, An Xin has a chance encounter with Mao Jie, with whom she has a brief but emotionally intense romantic fling. Neither is honest about their career, and only during a drug sting operation does An Xin discover that Mao Jie is part of a drug dealing family. Since neither knew the other's true profession, she is forced to testify against Mao Jie and his parents receive the death penalty. However Mao Jie is able to convince a judge to set him free because of accusations that An Xin may have framed him to exit their now extinguished love affair. In retribution, Mao Jie and his brother kills An Jin's husband to avenge his parents death and her betrayal.

From then on An Xin's life slowly unravels as she tries to build a new life while hiding from the Mao brothers.



Awards and nominations

26th Moscow International Film Festival[2]

10th Golden Phoenix Awards

27th Hundred Flowers Awards

8th Verona Film Festival


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