Visible Secret

Visible Secret

Theatrical poster
Traditional 幽靈人間
Simplified 幽灵人间
Mandarin Yōu Líng Rén Jiān
Cantonese Jau1 Ling4 Jan4 Gaan1
Directed by Ann Hui
Produced by Thomas Chung
John Chong
Solon So
Ann Hui
Abe Kwong
Written by Abe Kwong
Starring Eason Chan
Shu Qi
Anthony Wong
Sam Lee
James Wong
Wayne Lai
Kara Hui
Tony Liu
Cheung Tat-ming
Music by Tommy Wai
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Edited by Kwong Chi-leung
Release dates
  • 1 June 2001 (2001-06-01)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$8,876,319

Visible Secret is a 2001 Hong Kong horror comedy film directed by Ann Hui, starring Eason Chan, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Sam Lee, James Wong, Wayne Lai, Kara Hui, Tony Liu and Cheung Tat-ming.


Peter, a hairdresser, meets June, a nurse, at the disco one night and she becomes his girlfriend. She claims to have a spiritual "third eye" which allows her to see ghosts. As they become closer to each other, Peter starts to encounter visions of ghosts. After a vacation at a holiday resort, June befriends a boy in the neighbourhood. One day, Peter and June visit the boy at his house, and Peter is horrified to see that the boy's mother is under attack by two vicious ghosts, who are fighting for possession of her body. The boy is later found dead. Meanwhile, Peter's father commits suicide in hospital under strange circumstances.

Peter becomes suspicious of June and wants to break up with her, even when she tries to warn him that he is being targeted by a "headless ghost". When Peter's best friend, Simon, tells him that he was indeed possessed, Peter regains his trust in June and they start unraveling the mystery together by tracking down details of a horrific accident that happened at Sai Wan two decades ago. Peter's father had accidentally bumped into a man and caused the man to fall onto a railway, where he was knocked down by an incoming tram and was decapitated. The man is the "headless ghost" and he is seeking revenge on Peter and his father.


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