Félicien Marceau

Félicien Marceau

Félicien Marceau in 1970
Born 16 September 1913
Died 7 March 2012(2012-03-07) (aged 98)
Occupation Novelist

Félicien Marceau (16 September 1913 – 7 March 2012) was a French novelist, playwright and essayist originally from Belgium. His real name was Louis Carette. He was close to the Hussards right-wing literary movement, which in turn was close to the monarchist movement .[1][2] He was born in Kortenberg, Flemish Brabant.[1]

Marceau received the Prix Goncourt for his book Creezy (ISBN 0714507083) in 1969. On 27 November 1975 he was elected to the Académie française, succeeding Marcel Achard.[2][3] In 1974, Goudji created the academician's sword for Félicien Marceau.[4]



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