Evil Alien Conquerors

Evil Alien Conquerors
Directed by Chris Matheson
Produced by Debra Greico
Joel Hatch
Erica Huggins
Written by Chris Matheson
Ryan Rowe
Starring Diedrich Bader
Chris Parnell
Michael Weston
Music by David E. Russo
Cinematography Russ Lyster
Edited by Mike Murphy
Distributed by First Look International
Release dates
  • December 3, 2003 (2003-12-03)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $500,000

Evil Alien Conquerors is a film directed by Chris Matheson (who co-wrote Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) in 2003, and is a blend of science-fiction and comedy. The film follows two aliens who are sent to Earth to destroy mankind, but when they arrive they are unable to complete their mission. The two aliens befriend a fast food employee who helps them.


Two Evil Alien Conquerors are sent to Earth with the order to behead all humans within 48 hours. If they fail, they will be destroyed by Croker, a 100-foot-tall (30 m) giant.

Kenny (Michael Weston) witnesses the Evil Alien Conquerors, My-ik (Diedrich Bader) and Du-ug (Chris Parnell), as they arrive on Earth, literally falling out of the sky with their beheading swords. He offers them shelter at his home, which he shares with Ron, an unpleasant, oversexed infomercial producer.

The conquering duo have a chance to experience Earth culture, where they become friends with Kenny, develop a fondness for Smirnoff Ice and unexpectedly fall in love with two local women, who have a secret of their own. They begin to doubt what they were sent to do, but know they still must attempt to complete their impossible mission despite their lack of skill, any plan or experience.

The giant Croker then arrives to destroy the two inept conquerors and the rest of the Earth's population, but he shrinks down to normal size during transportation. Delusional enough to still believe he is a giant, he attempts to wreak havoc on the town, obviously without success.


Actor Role
Diedrich Bader My-ik
Chris Parnell Du-ug
Michael Weston Kenny
Elden Henson Ron
Phil LaMarr Vel-Dan
Tyler Labine Croker
Beth Grant Sheila
Mike McShane Rabirr
Martin Spanjers Jimmy
Joel McCrary Mr. Breen
NiCole Robinson Gail
Missy Yager Penny
Tori Spelling Jan (uncredited)
Benjamin John Parrillo Tan Guy (uncredited)

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