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Energy in Lebanon describes energy and electricity production, consumption and import in Lebanon. Energy policy of Lebanon will describe the energy policy in the politics of Lebanon more in detail. Lebanon imports most of its energy.

Primary energy use in 2009 in Lebanon was 77 TWh and 18 TWh per million persons.[1] Primary energy use in Lebanon was 61 TWh and 15 TWh/million persons in 2008.[1]

As of August 2016, electricity generation capacity in Lebanon stands at 1800MW while the actual needs are over 3000MW, resulting in power cuts throughout the country of 12 to 18 hours a day. Most residents and businesses substitute power from the grid by subscriptions to private generators. This deficit in generation is a result of the failure of successive governments to construct new power plants, the last power plants to be built in Lebanon were in 1996.[2]


Energy in Lebanon[3]
Capita Prim. energy Production Import Electricity CO2-emission
Million TWh TWh TWh TWh Mt
2004 3.54 63 3 60 8.85 15.29
2007 4.10 46 2 46 8.97 11.35
2008 4.14 61 2 61 9.51 15.23
2009 4.22 77 2 78 13.14 19.33
Change 2004-2009 19% 23% -26 % 29% 48% 26%
Mtoe = 11.63 TWh, Prim. energy includes energy losses.


The Arab Gas Pipeline is a natural gas pipeline exporting Egyptian natural gas to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, with a separate line to Israel.

Renewable energy

Lebanese government intend to meet 12 percent of its total energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2020.[4]

Further information: Geothermal energy in Lebanon

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