Driving Miss Wealthy

Driving Miss Wealthy

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Traditional 絕世好賓
Simplified 绝世好宾
Mandarin Jué Shì Hào Bīn
Cantonese Zyut6 Sai3 Hou2 Ban1
Directed by James Yuen
Produced by Henry Fong
Derek Yee
Written by Jessica Fong
Lo Yiu-fai
James Yuen
Starring Lau Ching-wan
Gigi Leung
Music by Raymond Wong
Edited by Leung Kwok-wing
China Star Entertainment Group
One Hundred Years of Film
Film Unlimited
S & W Entertainment
Youth Film Studio
Distributed by China Star Entertainment Group
Release dates
3 May 2004 (2004-05-03)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Driving Miss Wealthy (Chinese: 絕世好賓; Literal title: The World's Best Filipino) is a 2004 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by James Yuen and reunites La Brassiere's Lau Ching-wan and Gigi Leung. In the film, Lau poses a chauffeur hired to look after the spoiled rich woman played by Leung.


Leung plays Jennifer, the spoiled-rotten daughter of a millionaire. When Jennifer's father realizes that she's spending way too much money, he hires Kit (Lau) to pretend to be a Filipino chauffeur named Mario and chaperone her. Then, Jennifer's father decides that he's going to teach her the value of money and hard-work, so he pretends to be ill, leaving all the money to Pamela, his business partner. Pamela kicks Jennifer out into the street to live with Kit/Mario. The two learn to live together and work hard to get back on top.


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