Also known as Disflex 6, Disflex.6
Origin California, United States
Genres Alternative hip hop
Years active 1996-present
Labels Lex Records, Twenty Four Seven Records, Sunset leagues International
Associated acts Elon.is, Ehnertia, Mercury, DJ Capsize
Website disflex6.bandcamp.com
Members Jason the Argonaut
Lazerus Jackson

Disflex6 is an American hip hop duo formed in 1996,[1] consisting of Lazerus Jackson and Jason the Argonaut.[2] The group was a notable pioneer in the "multiracial world of the San Francisco underground hip hop scene."[3] The group's unique dark, mellow, avant-garde style of hip-hop garnered international appeal in particular,[4] and they built on that through releases on European-based labels.[5]


Disflex6 was scheduled to release a space-themed, concept album Robot Dreams but the deal with Lex Records fell through and they were left looking for a new home.[5] The duo released Slow Burn on Twenty Four Seven Records in 2007,[6] and The Loopholes Project on Sunset leagues International in 2008.[7]








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