Cartoon Sushi

Cartoon Sushi
Created by Danny Antonucci
Keith Alcorn
Directed by Danny Antonucci
Keith Alcorn
Mike DeSeve
Voices of John A. Davis
Mike DeSeve
Composer(s) Keith Alcorn
Patric Caird
Mike DeSeve
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) DNA Productions
MTV Animation
Original network MTV
Original release 1997 – 1998

Cartoon Sushi is an animation showcase program that aired on MTV from 1997 to 1998. It was produced by Nick Litwinko. As a collection of animation shorts, Cartoon Sushi is a spiritual successor to MTV's Liquid Television. The title screen opening was illustrated by Danny Antonucci.

Animation Weekend

First pilot

  1. The Maxx animation weekend pilot by Sam Kieth
  2. The Adventures of Ricardo (1996) by Corky Quakenbush
  3. buddy
  4. "a day in the life of an oscillating fan" by neil michka
  5. chunk
  6. Iddy Biddy Beat Boy (1993) by Mo Willems
  7. men making meetings
  8. angry cabaret by John R. Dilworth
  9. Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (1991) by Henry Selick

Second pilot

  1. The Maxx animation weekend pilot II by Sam Kieth
  2. The Adventures of Ricardo (1996)[1] by Corky Quakenbush
  3. c'mon c'mon
  4. Another Bad Day for Philip Jenkins (1994) by Mo Willems
  5. excuse me
  6. brickface and stucco in last piece of chicken [2]
  7. "the food mister" by neil michka [3]
  8. plastic surgeon
  9. Joe's Apartment (1992) by John Payson[4]
  10. b
  11. The Brothers Grunt: To Hell with Bing
  12. brickface and stucco in sizzleans machine

Season 1


First episode

  1. "Ultracity 6060" (no lip sync) by Mike deSeve, Dave Hughes, Matt Harrigan
  2. "Farcus" by Gord Coulthart & David Waisglass[6]
  3. "Robin" (partying) by Magnus Carlsson
  4. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (balloon hanging) by Banx[7]
  5. "Pull My Finger" by Jay Hathaway
  6. "Science Facts!" "Broccoli has an IQ of 10" by AMPnyc Animation[8]
  7. "Penguins: A Documentary" by Frank Ziegler
  8. "Cartoon Girl" "My Most Embarrassing Moment" by Heather McAdams[9] & Chris Ligon
  9. "Howl" by Bardel Animation Limited
  10. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (helicopter)
  11. "Ultracity 6060" (farting) by Mike deSeve, Dave Hughes, Matt Harrigan
  12. "Space War" by Christy Karacas[10]
  13. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (railroad)
  14. "Untalkative Bunny" pilot by Graham Falk

Second episode

  1. "Howie Hurls: Abducted" by Webster Colcord[11]
  2. "Science Facts!" "Dogs can not see color"
  3. "Dirdy Birdy" (part 1) by John R. Dilworth
  4. "Voice B Gone" by David Wasson
  5. "Espresso Depresso" by David Donar[12]
  6. "Fluffy" by Doug Aberle[13]
  7. "Stupid for Love" by Craig Valde
  8. "Casting Call" by Dominic Carola[14]
  9. "Science Facts!" "Fish have no memory"
  10. "Robin" (lonely) by Magnus Carlsson
  11. "Dirdy Birdy" (part 2)

Third episode (halloween special)

  1. "The Sandman" by Paul Berry
  2. "Smile" by Scott Alexander Storm
  3. "Stick Figure Theater" "mister Alfred Hitchcock" by Robin Steele[15]
  4. "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee" by Lorne Lanning
  5. "Mad Doctors of Borneo" by Webster Colcord[16]
  6. "Stick Figure Theater" "Night Of The Living Dead" by Robin Steele[15]
  7. "Season's Greetings" by Michael Dougherty

Fourth episode

  1. "Man's Best Friend" by Ben Gluck
  2. "Dreamboy" (kung fu) by Christopher Dante Romano[17]
  3. "The Champ" "Snapper Bob" by Natterjack Animation Company[18]
  4. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (mountain hermit) by Banx and Bob Godfrey
  5. "Day of the Monkey" by Carlos Ramos[19]
  6. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (mountain top balance)
  7. "Celebrity Deathmatch" (Charles Manson vs Marilyn Manson) by Eric Fogel
  8. "Dreamboy" (hair) by Christopher Dante Romano
  9. "The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal" (bed of nails)
  10. "Robin" (sunglasses) by Magnus Carlsson
  11. "Dreamboy" (toilet) by Christopher Dante Romano
  12. "Ultracity 6060" "Planet Jackson" by Mike deSeve, Dave Hughes, Matt Harrigan

Fifth episode

  1. when animated animals attack
  2. "Robin" (uncle harry) by Magnus Carlsson
  3. "Call Me Fishmael" by Steven Dovas
  4. "Boris the Dog" by Cevin Soling
  5. 10,000 feet
  6. telekinesis
  7. king sticko
  8. "Rip-N-Glide" by Happy Trails Animation[20]
  9. "Fast Driver" by Nick Gibbons[21]
  10. the critics
  11. smoking by Neil Ishimine

Sixth episode

  1. "Broccoli's Taxicab Confrontations" by AMPnyc Animation
  2. "The Raven" by John Fountain[22]
  3. "Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss" "Common Cents" by Keith Alcorn (DNA Productions)
  4. "Genre" by Don Hertzfeldt
  5. "Incident at Palm Beach" by Karl Staven & Derek Lamb
  6. "Dogfishing" by Joe Byrnes[23]
  7. "Billy Ray Shyster's House of Discount Special Effects" by Paul Kevin Thomason[24]
  8. "Robin" "The Film Buff" by Magnus Carlsson
  9. "Death Wears a Plush Jacket" by Bob Mendelsohn
  10. "Opposing Views" by John Schnall[25][26]

Seventh episode

  1. "Movie Intro" by Dan Coulston
  2. "Killing Heinz" by Stefan Eling[27]
  3. "Gabola the Great" by Tim Cheung[28]
  4. "Robin" "Shopping" by Magnus Carlsson
  5. "Where's the Bathroom" by Sy Benlolo
  6. "Love Stinks" by Greg Holfeld[29]
  7. "Open Mic Fright" by David Donar[30]
  8. "Fishbar" "Episode 1: Evil Babies in Colorado" by Honkworm International[31]
  9. "Sex & Violence" by Bill Plympton
    1. "The Animal Lover"
    2. "Doctors Say Carrots Are Good For Eyesight"
  10. Celebrity Deathmatch (Kathie Lee Gifford vs Howard Stern) by Eric Fogel
  11. "The Coolest Water Conditioner in the World" by Keith Webster

Eighth episode

  1. "Beat the Meatles" by Tim Hatcher and Keith Alcorn[32]
  2. "Science Facts!" "The Mayfly has a Lifespan of 2 Hours" by Michael Adams, Ted Minoff and Greg Pair
  3. "Sex & Violence" By Bill Plympton
    1. "A Person with Confused Priorities" (skydiver)
    2. "Husband and Wife"
  4. "Ultracity 6060" "Food Court" by Mike deSeve, Dave Hughes, Matt Harrigan
  5. "Ye Ole Woodshop" by Jesse Schmal
  6. "Great True Moments in Rock & Roll History" (Jim Morrison) by Xeth Feinberg
  7. "Sea Slugs" by Adam Lane[33]
  8. "Sex & Violence"
    1. "The Cheerleader"
    2. "Receding Hairline"
    3. "A Person with Confused Priorities" (driver)
  9. "Performance Art starring Chainsaw Bob" by Brandon McKinney[34]
  10. "Zerox & Mylar" by Joel Brinkerhoff[35]
  11. "Robin" "The Dentist" by Magnus Carlsson
  12. "Frogg's Trip to the Sun" by Keith Webster
  13. "Sex & Violence"
    1. "A Person with Confused Priorities" (sex)
    2. "Old Proverb: He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best"

Ninth episode

  1. "Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss" "One Ration Under God" by Keith Alcorn
  2. "Great True Moments in Rock & Roll History" by Xeth Feinberg
    1. guy who needs to urinate invents the Pogo
    2. Monkees fans boo Jimi Hendrix off the stage
  3. "Sex & Violence" by Bill Plympton
    1. "The Lost Key"
    2. "Rollerblading"
    3. "The Beachcomber"
    4. "A Serious Alarm Clock"
    5. "Very Sexy Shoes"
    6. "What Are These People Doing?..."
    7. "After 30 Some Parts of the Body Continue to Grow"
    8. "A Dip in the Pool"
    9. "The New Extreme Sport..."
  4. "Cartoon Girl" "Nothing I Like Better" by Heather McAdams and Chris Ligon
  5. "Lily & Jim" by Don Hertzfeldt

Tenth episode

  1. "Ultracity 6060" bleep written by Ben Gruber
  2. "Great True Moments in Rock & Roll History" - Elvis Meets Nixon by Xeth Feinberg
  3. chunks of life: rent by Mike Mitchell and Chris Cole
  4. the organization: the sound and kill & eat by Xeth Feinberg
  5. "Fishbar" "Episode 2: The Swedish Connection"
  6. "Love's Rich Bounty" by Chris Garrison[36]
  7. "Cartoon Girl" "You Know You're Broke" by Heather McAdams and Chris Ligon
  8. "Ultracity 6060" ouch my eyes written by Ben Gruber
  9. walking around by Cesar Cabanas

Eleventh episode

  1. "Dream Date" by Tom Megalis [37]
  2. "Soda Pop Head" by Tom Megalis [37]
  3. "Pariah The Red Man" by Kevin Richards[38]
  4. "Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss" "Who Calcutta The Cheese" by Keith Alcorn
  5. A Brief History Of Cinema by Tim Cargioli
  6. Awkward Stage by Jesse Schmal
  7. Burglar Alarm by Tom Megalis
  8. Elevator Guy by Tom Megalis

Unknown Shorts

  1. "Stroid '56" by Happy Trails Animation
  2. "Cartoon Girl" (if I was single)
  3. Lou and Costa’s Burglar Welcome Mat by Michael C. Schwab[39]
  4. The Hippo by Susan Hurd[40]

Special: A Special 1/2 Hour with Robin and Ben...

  1. "Drafted"
  2. "The Bums"
  3. "Plastic Surgery"
  4. "Party with a Chair"
  5. "Frogman"
  6. "The Record Company"
  7. "Mooning"

by Magnus Carlsson

Special: Bill Plympton Shorts

  1. They Say When You Sneeze Your Heart Stops So What Would Happen If...
  2. Elvis
  3. After 30 Some Parts Of The Body Continue To Grow
  4. The Truck
  5. The Toilet
  6. What Are These People Doing?...
  7. The Date
  8. Bad Camouflage
  9. Husband And Wife
  10. The Traffic Light
  11. A Dip In The Pool
  12. Why We Laugh
  13. The Lost Key

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