Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend

Bruce Lee,The Legend
Produced by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
(Golden Harvest)
Written by Larry Dolgin
Starring Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
Betty Ting Pei
Lee Hoi Chuen
Raymond Chow
Country United States
Hong Kong
Language English

Bruce Lee,The Man and The Legend (Chinese: 李小龍的生與死), also known as The Legend is Born of Bruce Lee and Year of the Dragon, is a 1973 Hong Kong documentary produced by Raymond Chow, and starring Bruce Lee. A follow-up/reworking of this documentary was released in 1984 under the title Bruce Lee, The Legend.[1]



Scenes From Cast
The Kid Bruce Lee
Lee Hoi Chuen
Boys on the Street Bruce Lee
The Thunderstorm Bruce Lee
The Green Hornet Bruce Lee
Van Williams
Marlowe Bruce Lee
The Big Boss Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
Tony Liu
James Tien
Han ying Chih
Fist of Fury Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
James Tien
Paul Wei Ping-ao
Lo Wei
Hwang chung shin
Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
Robert Wall
Hwang In-Shik
Tony Liu
Unicorn Chan
Chin Ti
Hwang Chung Shin
Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee
Shih Kien
Fred Weintraub
Jackie Chan
Game of Death Bruce Lee
James Tien
Chih Yuan
Dan Inosanto
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Ji Han Jae
Robert Wall
Gig Young
Hugh O'Brian
Sammo Hung
Robert Clouse
Fred Weintraub
Kim Tai-chung
Casanova Wong
Zatoichi and the One-Armed Swordsman Shintaro Katsu
Jimmy Wang
Warriors Two Casanova Wong
Winners and Sinners Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Bruce Lee and I Unicorn Chan
Betty Ting Pei
Bruce Lee
Ji Han Jae
The Chinese Connection 2 Ho Chung Tao


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