Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Founded 1946
Area served
Television industry
Product Emmy Awards
Key people
Bruce Rosenblum
(Chairman and CEO)

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, also known as the Television Academy,[1][2] is a professional honorary organization dedicated to the advancement of the television industry in the United States.

Founded in 1946, the organization presents the Primetime Emmy Awards, an annual ceremony honoring achievement in U.S. primetime television.

Emmy Award

The courtyard and Emmy Award statue at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences facility on Lankershim

In 1949, the Television Academy held the first Emmy Awards ceremony, an annual event created to recognize excellence in U.S. television programming, although the initial event was restricted to programming from the Los Angeles area. The name "Emmy" was derived from "Immy," a nickname for the image orthicon camera tube, which was instrumental in the development of modern television. The word was feminized as "Emmy" to complement the design chosen for the statuette, which depicted a winged, idealized woman holding an atom.

The Emmy Awards are administered by three sister organizations who focus on various sectors of television programming: the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (primetime), the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (daytime, sports, news and documentary), and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (international).

Publications and programs

In addition to recognizing outstanding programming through its Primetime Emmy Awards, the Television Academy publishes the award-winning Emmy magazine and through the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, is responsible for the Archive of American Television, annual College Television Awards, Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship, acclaimed student internships and other educational outreach programs.

Current governance


Board of Governors

Mark Kirkland
Chuck Sheetz
Art Directors/Set Decorators
James Yarnell
Casting Directors
Sharon Lieblein, CSA
Howard Meltzer, CSA
Children's Programming
Daniel Evans, III
David Kleeman
Lowell Peterson
Kenneth Zunder, A.S.C.
Sheila Manning
Brian O'Rouke
Costume Design & Supervision
Betsey Potter
Mary Rose
Daytime Programming
John C. Fisher
Matthew J. Olsen
Lee Miller
Gail Mancuso
Documentary Programming
Daniel H. Birman
Shari Cookson
Electronic Production
Kieran Healy
Stephen A. Jones
Interactive Media
Lori Schwartz
Seth Shapiro
Los Angeles Area
Greg Taylor
Gerri Shaftel Constant
Beatriz Gomez
Judy Crown
Patricia Messina
Ian Fraser
Michael A. Levine
Bob Bergen
Lily Tomlin
Picture Editors
Stuart Bass A.C.E.
Scott Boyd, A.C.E
Steven Kent
Screech Washington
Production Executives
Tony Carey
Tammy Glover Park
Professional Representatives
Allison Binder
Beth Bohn
[Public Relations]
Sharon Liggins
Russ Patrick
Reality Programming
David McKillop
Jonathan Murray
Ed Greene
Frank Morrone, C.A.S.
Sound Editors
Ruth Adelman
Edward Fassl
Special Visual Effects
Kevin Pike
Mark Scott Spatny
Anthony Molinari
Dorenda Moore
Television Executives
Michael Sluchan
Robert Swartz
Title Design
Ellen Kahn
Lynda Kahn
Kirk Ellis
Pete Hammond


Television Academy Honors

The Television Academy Honors was established in 2008 to recognize "Television with a Conscience"—television programming that inspires, informs, motivates and even has the power to change lives.

1st Annual (2008)

2nd Annual (2009)

3rd Annual (2010)

4th Annual (2011)

5th Annual (2012)

6th Annual (2013)

Hall of fame

1st (1984)

2nd (1985)

3rd (1986)

4th (1987)

5th (1988)

6th (1989)

7th (1990)

8th (1991)

9th (1992)

10th (1993)

11th (1995)

12th (1996)

13th (1997)

14th (1999)

15th (2002)

16th (2004)

17th (2006)

18th (2008)

19th (2010)

20th (2011)

21st (2012)

22nd (2013)

The 22nd Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held March 11, 2013, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with presenters included Will Arnett of Arrested Development, sports icon John Madden and more stars.[5]

23rd (2014)

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