8th Parliament of the Province of Canada

The 8th Parliament of the Province of Canada was in session from 1863 to July 1866. Elections for the Legislative Assembly were held in the Province of Canada in August 1863. Sessions were held in Quebec City until 1866; the last session was held in Ottawa.

The Speaker of this parliament was Lewis Wallbridge.

This was also the last session of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. Following Confederation in the following year, it was succeeded by 1st Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto, the 1st Quebec Legislature, and the 1st Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.

Most members went on to become elected in the Canadian House of Commons, while other served at provincial level, appointed to the Senate of Canada, provincial Lieutenant Governor, government posts or simply retired from politics altogether.

Canada East

Riding Member Party
Argenteuil John Joseph Caldwell Abbott Liberal
Bagot Maurice Laframboise Rouge
Beauce Henri-Elzéar Taschereau Bleu
Beauharnois Paul Denis Bleu
Bellechasse Édouard Rémillard Rouge
Berthier Anselme-Homère Pâquet Rouge
Bonaventure Théodore Robitaille Bleu
Brome Christopher Dunkin Conservative
Chambly Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville Bleu
Champlain John Jones Ross Bleu
Charlevoix Adolphe Gagnon Rouge
Châteauguay Luther Hamilton Holton Rouge
Chicoutimi—Saguenay David Edward Price [1] Conservative
Pierre-Alexis Tremblay (1865) Liberal
Compton John Henry Pope Conservative
Deux-Montagnes Jean-Baptiste Daoust Reformer
Dorchester Hector-Louis Langevin Bleu
Drummond—Arthabaska Jean-Baptiste-Éric Dorion Rouge
Gaspé John Le Boutillier Bleu
Hochelaga Antoine-Aimé Dorion Rouge
Huntingdon Robert Brown Somerville Independent
Iberville Alexandre Dufresne Rouge
Jacques-Cartier François-Zéphirin Tassé [2] Bleu
Guillaume Gamelin Gaucher (1864) Bleu
Joliette Hippolite Cornellier Bleu
Kamouraska Jean-Charles Chapais Bleu
Laprairie Alfred Pinsonneault Bleu
L'Assomption Louis Archambeault Rouge
Laval Joseph-Hyacinthe Bellerose Bleu
Lévis Joseph-Godric Blanchet Bleu
L'Islet Louis-Bonaventure Caron Rouge
Lotbinière Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière Rouge
Maskinongé Moïse Houde Rouge
Mégantic George Irvine Conservative
Missisquoi James O'Halloran Rouge
Montcalm Joseph Dufresne Bleu
Montmagny Joseph-Octave Beaubien Bleu
Montmorency Joseph-Édouard Cauchon Bleu
Montreal Centre John Rose Conservative
Montreal East George-Étienne Cartier Bleu
Montreal West Thomas D'Arcy McGee Conservative
Napierville Sixte Coupal dit la Reine Rouge
Nicolet Joseph Gaudet Bleu
Ottawa Alonzo Wright Conservative
Pontiac John Poupore Bleu
Portneuf Jean-Docile Brousseau Liberal-Conservative
Quebec County François Évanturel Liberal
Quebec-Centre Isidore Thibaudeau Rouge
Quebec West Charles Joseph Alleyn Conservative
Quebec East Pierre-Gabriel Huot Rouge
Richelieu Joseph-Xavier Perrault Rouge
Richmond—Wolfe William Hoste Webb Conservative
Rimouski George Sylvain Bleu
Rouville Joseph-Napoléon Poulin Bleu
St. Hyacinthe Louis-Victor Sicotte [3] Bleu
Rémi Raymond (1863) Bleu
Saint-Jean François Bourassa Rouge
Saint-Maurice Charles Gérin-Lajoie Rouge
Shefford Lucius Seth Huntington Rouge
Sherbrooke Alexander Tilloch Galt Liberal-Conservative
Soulanges William Duckett Conservative
Stanstead Albert Knight Conservative
Témiscouata Jean-Baptiste Pouliot Rouge
Terrebonne Louis Labrèche-Viger Rouge
Trois-Rivières Joseph-Édouard Turcotte [4] Bleu
Louis-Charles Boucher de Niverville (1865) Bleu
Vaudreuil Antoine Chartier de Lotbinière Harwood Conservative
Verchères Félix Geoffrion Rouge
Yamaska Moïse Fortier Rouge


Canada West

Riding Member Party
East Brant John Young Bown Liberal-Conservative
West Brant Edmund Burke Wood Reformer
Brockville Fitzwilliam Henry Chambers Reformer
Carleton William F. Powell Conservative
Cornwall John Sandfield Macdonald Reformer
Dundas John Sylvester Ross Conservative
East Durham John Shuter Smith Reformer
West Durham Henry Munro Reformer
East Elgin Leonidas Burwell Reformer
West Elgin John Scoble Reform
Essex Arthur Rankin Reformer
Frontenac William Ferguson Conservative
Glengarry Donald Alexander Macdonald Reformer
Grenville Walter Shanly Liberal-Conservative
Grey George Jackson Conservative
Haldimand David Thompson Reformer
Halton John White Reformer
Hamilton Isaac Buchanan [5] Conservative
Charles Magill (1866) Liberal
North Hastings Thomas Campbell Wallbridge Reformer
South Hastings Lewis Wallbridge Reformer
Huron & Bruce James Dickson Reformer
Kent Archibald McKellar Reformer
Kingston John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative
Lambton Alexander Mackenzie Reformer
North Lanark Robert Bell [6] Reformer
William McDougall (1864) Reformer
South Lanark Alexander Morris Conservative
North Leeds & Grenville Francis Jones Reformer
South Leeds Albert Norton Richards [7] Reformer
David Ford Jones (1864)
Lennox & Addington Richard John Cartwright Conservative
Lincoln William McGiverin Reformer
London John Carling Liberal-Conservative
East Middlesex Crowell Willson Reformer
West Middlesex Thomas Scatcherd Reformer
Niagara (town) John Simpson [8] Conservative
Angus Morrison (1864) Reformer
Norfolk Aquila Walsh Conservative
East Northumberland James Lyons Biggar Reformer
West Northumberland James Cockburn Liberal-Conservative
North Ontario William McDougall [9] Reformer
Matthew Crooks Cameron (1864) Conservative
South Ontario Oliver Mowat [10] Reformer
Thomas Nicholson Gibbs (1864) Reformer
Ottawa Joseph Merrill Currier Conservative
North Oxford Hope Fleming Mackenzie [11] Reformer
Thomas Oliver (1866) Reformer
South Oxford George Brown Reformer
Peel John Hillyard Cameron Conservative
Perth Robert MacFarlane Reformer
Peterborough Wilson Seymour Conger [12] Independent
Frederick W. Haultain (1864) Conservative
Prescott Thomas Higginson Conservative
Prince Edward Walter Ross Reformer
Renfrew Robert McIntyre Reformer
Russell Robert Bell Conservative
North Simcoe Thomas David McConkey Reformer
South Simcoe Thomas Roberts Ferguson Conservative
Stormont Samuel Ault Reformer
East Toronto Alexander Mortimer Smith Reformer
West Toronto John Macdonald Reformer
Victoria James W Dunsford Reformer
North Waterloo Michael Hamilton Foley [13] Reformer
Isaac Erb Bowman (1864) Reformer
South Waterloo James Cowan Reformer
Welland Thomas Clark Street Conservative
North Wellington Thomas Sutherland Parker Reformer
South Wellington David Stirton Reformer
North Wentworth William Notman Reformer
James McMonies (1865) Reformer
South Wentworth Joseph Rymal Reformer
East York Amos Wright Reformer
North York James Pearson Wells Reform
West York William Pearce Howland Reformer


Preceded by
7th Parliament of the Province of Canada
Parliaments in the Province of Canada
Succeeded by
1st Canadian Parliament


  1. resigned his seat in 1864 to run for a position in the Legislative Council; Pierre-Alexis Tremblay was elected in a by-election in January 1865.
  2. resigned his seat to accept the post of inspector of prisons; Guillaume Gamelin Gaucher was elected in a by-election in August 1864.
  3. accepted an appointment as a judge in 1863; Rémi Raymond was elected in a by-election in October 1863.
  4. died in December 1864; Louis-Charles Boucher de Niverville was elected in a by-election in January 1865.
  5. resigned in 1865; Charles Magill was elected in a by-election in 1866.
  6. resigned his seat to allow William McDougall to be elected in November 1864.
  7. appointed Solicitor-General for Canada West; David Ford Jones was elected in a by-election in January 1864.
  8. resigned in 1864; Angus Morrison was elected in a by-election in September 1864.
  9. accepted an appointment to cabinet and was defeated by Matthew Crooks Cameron in a by-election in July 1864.
  10. received an appointment; Thomas Nicholson Gibbs was elected to the seat in a by-election in 1864.
  11. died in 1866; Thomas Oliver was elected in a by-election in the same year.
  12. died in 1864; Frederick W. Haultain was elected to the seat in a by-election in the same year.
  13. was forced to seek reelection due to an appointment; Isaac Erb Bowman was elected in a by-election in April 1864.

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