1961 in television

List of years in television (table)

The year 1961 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1961.

For the American TV schedule, see: 1961–62 United States network television schedule.




Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 1 General Motors Presents (Can) 1958
May 15 The Americans 1961
June 20 The Army Game (UK) 1957
June 29 The Ford Show 1956
June 30 Hancock's Half Hour
September 18 Peter Gunn 1958
September 22 Five Star Jubilee 1961
Unknown This Is Your Life (US) 1952

Changes of network affiliation

Show Moved from Moved to
Walt Disney Presents ABC NBC
Rocky and His Friends


Date Name Notability
January 13 Julia Louis-Dreyfus Actress (Seinfeld)
January 19 Paul McCrane Actor (ER)
February 2 Lauren Lane Actress (Nanny, TheThe Nanny)
February 5 Tim Meadows Actor (Saturday Night Live)
February 21 Christopher Atkins Actor (Dallas)
February 23 Trent Lehman Actor (Nanny and the Professor)
March 3 Mary Page Keller Actress (Duet)
March 4 Steven Weber Actor (Wings)
March 8 Camryn Manheim Actress (The Practice)
March 17 Casey Siemaszko Actor
March 18 Geoffrey Owens Actor (The Cosby Show)
April 3 Eddie Murphy Comedian, actor (Saturday Night Live)
April 6 Gene Eugene Singer (Adam Again), actor (The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan)
April 18 Jane Leeves Actress (Frasier)
April 23 George Lopez Comedian, actor (George Lopez)
April 30 Isiah Thomas Basketball player and coach
May 6 George Clooney Actor (ER)
May 12 Lar Park Lincoln Actress (Knots Landing)
May 29 Melissa Etheridge Singer, voice actress
May 30 Ralph Carter Actor (Michael Evans on Good Times)
May 31 Lea Thompson Actress (Caroline in the City)
June 7 Kym Whitley Actress (Married... with Children)
June 9 Michael J. Fox Actor (Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties)
June 29 Sharon Lawrence Actress (NYPD Blue)
July 23 Woody Harrelson Actor (Cheers)
August 4 Lauren Tom Actress (Futurama)
August 13 Dawnn Lewis Actress (A Different World)
August 14 Susan Olsen Actress (Cindy on The Brady Bunch)
September 11 Elizabeth Daily Actress (Rugrats)
September 15 Dan Marino Football player, analyst (The NFL Today)
September 23 Chi McBride Actor (The John Larroquette Show, Boston Public)
September 25 Heather Locklear Actress (Melrose Place)
September 30 Crystal Bernard Actress (Wings)
October 4 David W. Harper Actor (The Waltons)
November 3 Kari Michaelsen Actress (Gimme a Break!)
November 4 Jeff Probst Emcee (Survivor)
November 14 Elizabeth Keifer US actress (Guiding Light)
December 30 Sean Hannity Talk show host (Hannity)


Date Name Age Notability
February 3 Anna May Wong 56 American actress
May 22 Joan Davis 53 Actress (I Married Joan)
August 26 Gail Russell 36 American actress
August 30 Charles Coburn 84 Actor
September 10 Leo Carrillo 80 Actor (The Cisco Kid)
October 11 Chico Marx 74 Actor (member of the Marx Brothers)
November 24 Ruth Chatterton 68 Actress
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