1926 in television

List of years in television (table)

The year 1926 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1926.

Global television events

Month Day Event
January 26 John Logie Baird demonstrates the world's first television system to transmit live, moving images with tone graduations, to 40 members of the Royal Institution. The 30-line images are scanned mechanically by a disk with a spiral of lenses at 12.5 images per second.
August 18 A weather map is televised for the first time, sent from NAA Arlington to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington, D.C.
December 25 Japanese researcher Kenjiro Takayanagi demonstrates a system that uses a mechanical Nipkow disk and a photoelectric tube in the transmitting device, and a cathode ray tube in the receiving device. He transmits the 40-line still image of a Japanese character.[1]


Month Day Name Occupation/Accolades
January 08 Soupy Sales U.S. comedian and actor (died 2009)
April 22 Charlotte Rae U.S. actress and singer
30 Cloris Leachman U.S. actress
May 05 Ann B. Davis U.S. actress (died 2014)
08 Sir David Attenborough British naturalist and documentary-maker
Don Rickles U.S. comedian and actor
June 01 Andy Griffith U.S. actor, writer, and television producer (died 2012)
28 Mel Brooks U.S. entertainer, actor, director, and theatrical producer
July 10 Fred Gwynne U.S. actor (died 1993)
November 9 Johnny Beattie Scottish actor


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